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I guess I’m a bit like this with a lot of things of this nature. For example I do almost all my reading on ebooks now but there’s no way I would trust Amazon, Kobo or whoever to hold all my ebooks so I can re-download them anytime in the future. I download all my ebooks into my own database and then side load them onto my reader. I had one supplier go bust a few years back and if I hadn’t kept my own copies of all the books I’d bought from them I’d have lost them all. So I never trust my data to any organisation period (including keeping data backups on the ‘cloud’. I manage my own backups always.)

So I guess that makes me a bit of an anorak too! Hey ho!


I have had it for years on the old website, apparently one paid one’s duty using rounding down and then the billing calculation rounded normally so every so often there would be a penny missing. A simple email and MS quickly sorted it out whenever I noticed it but it never stopped me placing a new order. That seems to be the fundamental difference here.

Perhaps TWS could sweep through all accounts and write off any debts lower than say 20p and/or change the order bar so that it only comes up if one’s debt is greater than a specific value?
I am assuming (hoping) this problem won’t occur with the new system, hence my suggestion to write off all the old ones to save MS getting any more requests to sort these out.

A good Hungarian in the enomatics, so I bought some, and wanted to download the wine notes. a search on the full name:

All results for ‘Kékfrankos, Sebestyén, Szekszárd 2019’

produced 500 results, of which the first three were Burgundy,Beaujolais, and a South African Cab Sauv.

A search starting from Hungary narrowed it down, but I am not sure it was worth bothering. The notes were exiguous, as is increasingly true.
The wine notes used to be much fuller, useful for a producer new to me. There was no more than in the 3 line description on the tasting sheet.

This is one of the most baffling ones yet. Feels like it’s giving you everything with 2019 in the title or text. The first result when I do that search is Ch. Haut-Bardin 2018 which has “In our visits to Bordeaux in early April 2019…” within the vintage details.

The plot thickens, however. If you take the vintage out of the search you get… nothing.

You will eventually get the wine you want to show up in the results by putting in any of the words from Kékfrankos Sebestyén Szekszárd on their own.

Further, Kékfrankos Sebestyén will cough the right result up but Kékfrankos Szekszárd or Sebestyén, Szekszárd will not.



I had the same message the first day of the new website, caused by a payment I had made previously not being carried over to the new system, so not my fault. I complained about the wording to Member Services as I thought it was inappropriate and not in keeping with the culture of TWS.

Disappointing that several weeks later it hasn’t been changed.


Exactly that. I had the same, we will hold you to ransom message when I had an outstanding balance due to TWS took time to take my direct debit (in the olden days…).


It’s a curious one, certainly. I’ve - to my knowledge certainly - paid everything as bills come in or whatever, and one can’t purchase stuff on credit anyway. I’ve emailed Membership just now and will wait to see the source of the problem. It may be mea culpa of course, but if so I need to know how it happened so it doesn’t repeat itself / I don’t repeat it myself. I did point out too that the tone of the message seemed a tad “confrontational”!

I’m with you on all that.

You can never be 100% safe, and not all data is equally important, but anything I would really hate to lose is (I believe) well-backed up and under my own control. If I held remote reserves running into £100s or £1,000s, that would most certainly come under the category of very important. My database of tasting notes too!

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This has happened to me aswell , they failed to take payment and I couldn’t pay through the new site because they couldn’t figure a way to let me pay the balance through the new site .

I wanted to make an ad hoc payment, we used to be able to - now, not so much!! :open_mouth: :dragon:

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Why has the online chat with member services option not been revived?


Adding to reserve woes, my first attempt to withdraw a case resulted in a pending order that held for weeks. By the time member services had sorted it the event I was withdrawing it for was past, so transaction cancelled.

I’ve noticed a distinct lack of enthusiasm on my part for any orders that might add to reserves; it just seems like so much hassle right now.


I reckon this may possibly maybe be the wrong name.


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No wonder it’s marked as low stock.

That’s a lot of wine for under a tenner :rofl:


Any idea why the Henschke 2018 En Primeur offer is back up in “my orders” under the “awaiting allocation” section? It is right next to the Donnhoff/Prum one which is obviously in that status, but I thought we were all done, allocated and paid on the Aussie one back in the spring? Was money not taken at that point?

I was surprised to see a pending debit on my credit card from TWS, and this is where it comes from.


OMG :flushed: ! Same here :see_no_evil:

Edit to add : Money was taken on April 1st …. The irony :see_no_evil:


Same here. This new set-up of theirs has saved me a fortune so far.


Yikes, me too. And the allocaction was halved initially anyway - perhaps it’s all gone missing?!

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Same here. This new set-up of theirs has saved me a fortune so far.

I did do an EP, but otherwise I’m laying low on all but ‘essential’ orders until it gets sorted. Though given that it has been up for a couple of months now with no notable improvements to the reserves/EP mechanics I’m not holding much hope.

There were promises of agile and rolling updates, but as far as I’ve seen those updates haven’t been much more than bug fixes of content and frantic rescues when the payments system has gone down.

From my own perspective, and 2 months post roll-out, I feel like I’m ready to call it: They’ve dropped the ball on the website. :frowning_face:


Sorry I might have missed something above but what exactly is giving people pause to add anything to reserves? I’ve put a few things in reserves recently without an issue (I was concerned by a delay with one case but it turned out to be nothing) and everything is showing accurately.

I do find other things concerning/irritating though - payment issues mentioned above seems like a big problem, search function is pretty useless (surely that should be very simple) and display of EP orders is poor if you have more than a few.

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