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Preview: What to Expect from our New Website

I have just been sent an email asking me to write a review for a recent wine purchase of Parker Station . Not been approached like that before.

Its a wine i liked so have written a short review. I gave it 4 stars

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Ah now I assumed that was part of the Research section which I did have ticked though probably would rather not have! The section described as:

“I am happy for The Wine Society to contact me from time to time to research my views and opinions on wine or service-related topics:”

If you can confirm this has nothing to do with being hassled for reviews then I might turn it back on :smiley:

I’m going to double check my answer on that one @MikeFranklin - let me come back to you.

Ditto. I drink it straight from the box in the porch as it happens, with a straw.


I got one of those too, but it was for a wine I bought over a month ago. Honestly, who remembers that old stuff?
It’s out of stock in any case, so it’s not much use to anybody.


Fair to say yotpo has had a bit of a shocker so far!


My email was for Thalabert too

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I had one for dog point Pinot noir…

I had an email for a wine that went straight in to reserves.

‘what do you think about it?’, umm honestly I hadn’t given it any thought since I bought it. I just hope it is happy and resting well. I will drink it by 2028.


To me it seems that the Society has pretty much released a beta version of the website. Perhaps the old hosting agreement was coming to an end and this forced the Society’s hand to move on to a new platform ahead of time. I can think of no other reason why they would have launched the site in the state they have.

Either way the new website features and functionality is a step backwards in my opinion.


Perhaps future lists should just have an issue month?
That way we wouldn’t assume a new one will be issued the month after the list end month.

Each list could also have an issue number.
The current issue number could then be displayed somewhere appropriate on the website so one could check if one has the most recently issued list.
That could involve a long task counting all the lists from TWS day one to see where we are up to now or maybe someone already knows the answer!

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