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Preview: What to Expect from our New Website

I am determined NOT TO BE NEGATIVE.

I will only pose one question.
Has work been done on the present nomenclature, that causes my HALF bottles in my reserves list, to reside in the vicinity of my Gigondas wines, rather than correctly as CDR’s or Crozes where those wines occur on the list.
My cases of Ermitage (Hermitage) Maison Alexandrins Nicolas Perrin find themselves placed just before my Gigondas listings, rather than with my Hermitage wines.
And my Vin de pays Les Lezardes are listed as Domaine Rene Rostaing VdP L/L, just after my Crozes list.
My La Rosine is listed as La Rosine Rouge Collines…Domaine Ogier BUT
My L’Ame Soeur is listed as Domaine Ogier L’Ame Soeur

And so it goes.

From what I can see, a proper, all encompassing renaming of ALL wines is done so that when one requests lists, they make sense.

I totally applaud the ambition to give us, what should be an “all singing, all dancing” New Website where our Reserves are listed in a logical order. We all know that at the moment, that most certainly is what we do not have.

So to make this new iteration work, the wine naming must have been addressed; not only for new wines but also for the old.

I bought these lovely Gigondas wines.

Same Producer, Same Wine!!
Spot the difference?
It is this error and a plethora of others that require sorting out, otherwise we will have past mistakes being imported into our wonderful New Website and we will have a Brand New Dog’s Breakfast!! :wink:

So no criticisms, because for all that I know; this has all been addressed.
And if it has, we WILL have taken an enormous step towards a Website to be proud of!! :+1: :dragon:

Different vintages 2015 / 2016 ?

A new one for me: today got an automated e-mail asking that I authenticate a review I posted for a couple of wines.

Can’t quite see the point of that, I have to log into the site in anyway to post a review - so OF COURSE it’s a genuine review. Seems like an unnecessary irritation.

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Have a look at the thread

Doesn’t increase confidence in the new website.

Only UX research would be able to establish that. And I am sure they engaged a UX consultancy for this project. It’s one of the basic tenets.

I’m sure they did - or the supplier handled it in-house.

Re: alerts specifically, I would expect the response to be along the lines of forums, above. Lots of people will say yes but not enough use for it to make business sense.

Power users will want it but to be truly useful for them it’ll become a black-hole of resource and effort. Those users could probably work out how to achieve the same thing in a better way. Someone on this forum has a script that ingests the whole list and highlights changes for them. I have a similar thing.

If anyone would like to act as interpreter for this thread…:wink:


With pleasure. Tell us what you’d like interpreted and I’ll do my best :joy:

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This is not aimed at power users. In fact, it is even more relevant as you migrate your application to mobile. For web apps in general (and this is from personal experience building high-transaction REACT apps in house or contracted), this has always been the case, corroborated by research conducted by UX consultancies paid to address this very question.

Let me give you an example: cheese can be very seasonal (weeks, sometimes), so Paxton’s a traditional cheesmonger here in London (Paxton’s) knows my buying patterns and also let’s me save/share/store the cheeses I am interested on, and alerts me before and when they become available. It’s great, keeps me from having to check their website or download data and write python scripts. My wife (completely computer illiterate) loves this type of stuff, and stopped used the other shop (La Fromagerie) because now she likes the “concierge” service from Paxton’s.

In fact, for the 50+ age groups that constitutes the core buying groups at the Society, this would be a boon, no?


Not for me, no. I like to minimise the information I share with companies, and spend a lot of time figuring out how to switch OFF alerts. But to be fair you may well be right generally-speaking :slight_smile:

Speaking of which, is the new website going to provide the long-awaited ability to control e- and snail-mail communications from TWS. At the moment I have them all turned off, but would probably prefer to allow a small number

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This raises an interesting point: what most of the discussion here in the last few years has been about is what we can or can’t do on the website, not the organisation of the website itself. Specifying what notifications we want or don’t want, by email or post or text or tweet or…, has been one of the perpetual topics. I don’t much care HOW the website allows this, but I do want some process, the website or something else, that allows me to do this Other issues, such as how wines go into and out of reserves or how EP orders are dealt with, are also problems of what we can do, not how we do it. However well the new website may work, it won’t help if the ‘what we can do’ problems are not dealt with.

A better website may reduce the need for individual contacts with member services, and allow better service, so there may be potential indirect benefits.

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This is at the core of the issue here. This project appears to be about a website re-design, when, in my view, a re-design of the overall “digital” experience, including the increasingly important “mobile” experience is what is really needed, with the user interface and discoverability of information being aspects, but not the totality, of it. Other areas, such as information sharing, communities, alerting, profiling and customization are equally important, and a website re-design doesn’t necessarily touch them.


But now, with an increasing number of committee members with a background in “digital” (typically brought in via the “co-opt” exception), this might change for better.

Or not.

Maybe I misremembered, but I thought the website was the visible part of more thourough-going IT developments, which is why I was hopeful about more control over which communications we receivs.

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That’s what I would love to know. How the money was spent between cosmetic, front-end changes and a thorough front to back end re-design.

Correct: NO.

Call me a Luddite, but I don’t want an algorithm determining my buying pattern and ‘helpfully’ suggesting purchases, by season or any other way. I want to be in control by default - and not the other way around. As another member says… I want to have the ability to switch ON this feature if I want it - not forever having to switch OFF hidden ‘features’ which I don’t want in the first place (Microsoft EDGE being a prime example - it re-installs every time my PC updates itself)

The problem us 50+ years members have, is we grew up in a quieter world with primitive and avoidable marketing, yet now are bombarded by targetted junk marketing - so it would be nice if TWS didn’t join the frenzy.


Good luck Laura. We know all about building web sites and, as a colleague of mine once said “we’ve spent millions getting this wrong”. I’m sure the improvements you are making will be a big help. One question; given that most of my purchasing is unplanned, at silly o’clock and always on my phone, is the front end build mobile friendly? :wine_glass: Spence


I love this answer! Let me break the news to you: it already happens!

Coming back to the website: the basic check of a website’s functionality is whether it has a good search facility. However carefully it is organised, some users will not have the same approach as the site’s designers, and therefore will not find what they want through the menus.

The current site fails badly on this: I just tried to see if a member who had heard that there was some sort of area for members to discuss things could find it. Going to About us or Help produced nothing. A search using the search box for members’ discussion, discussion, forum, area for members… found nothing. Leaving the site, a google search for Wine Society member forum found this community immediately. This seems more important than whether the word ‘community’ appears at the top or bottom of a page.

Yesterday, I needed to make a complaint. Nothing found on the website for ‘complaint’ and the only relevant entries when I tried ‘feedback’ were on feedback on the website from 2019 and 2013. (A search for ‘feedback’ should also have told me about the possibility of leaving reviews for individual wines.) Google took me to the enquiry form. (I used the list of emails under governance, and that has worked.)

An example of where search makes up for a non-obvious structure: the first search I did after joining was for Madeira. I have just repeated this from the menu: buy wine, regions, Portugal. Nothing. A search on Madeira does work.

Perhaps a beta version of the new website should be put up where we can experiment like this.