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Preview: What to Expect from our New Website

Yes they specifically showed that it could do that. No indication of any additional charges for doing it, though I think they may only come in on withdrawing split cases from reserves.


That screen where Justin was checking out the basket which also had the single bottle reserves withdrawal showed a charge of £10 for the privilege.

Ah I missed that! Thanks! I was looking for it but I must have blinked as he was scrolling :rofl:

Cynic that I am, that was what I was thinking all the way through the whole thread - namely is the principle function of the website still to buy wine?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then the rest is just filler for geeks to discuss on a forum :smiley:


I hope so, but again, I don’t assume anything. In this specific case, having a numeric field called quantity and one or more fields explaining “quantity” (750ml + glass + bottle) would make for a more thorough and future-proof data modelling exercise.

The fact that the export script didn’t consider these things, demonstrates that there’s more work that needs to be done. Let’s not even go into the realm of interoperability and data exchanging.

I think you might be making too many assumptions from only seeing the front end. I have worked on many systems where multiple fields are combined to give a more meaningful presentation to the customer. They may well have quantity, unit and type fields that get merged to give a more readable display. Okay, maybe not so good for converting to your own spreadsheet - I’ve had to do my own jumping through hoops to translate a copy and paste from the website to my spreadsheet - but that’s not really their concern. However to make assumptions about their database organisation based on the front end display is probably not too valid, in my view.

I fail to understand why I should wait until the launch when this discussion was started, by the Wine Society? If they don’t want a discussion, fine; If they do, they must accept criticism.

As a general comment: if what is shown is not sufficient to comment on (which seems very likely), then I suggest that this conversation be blocked now until the website actually appears.

You are absolutely right about making comments on something where there is no visibility, and, as I stated on my initial post, I do hope they took this opportunity to make improvements on the back-end also. The reply above was specifically about the export function. I would hope that, from a schema perspective, it is not structured like the output currently being delivered.

Usability and user experience can be tricky with retail websites, where there are so many possible workflows (across informational, community and commerce threads) that modelling all possibilities is sometimes not feasible or cost efficient. That being said, the possibility to build searches based on a combination of metrics and dimensions via the UI will reveal to a great extent the choices they made in the back-end.

Nevertheless, moving things around for increased discoverability is already a great leap forward.


I think a great deal of the work involved has been making a much improved smartphone experience instead of having the app. (I’ve always felt these apps have been a backward step when websites should have been focusing on getting web pages that work better with phones instead).


I really like specification by example, btw. Starting with solutions to address simple needs like:

(1) Show me recently added red burgundies from X commune and prices between A and B, and let me save this search as an alert

(2) Alert me when the stock of ABC falls below X

(3) Show me the wines of ABC producer and alert me when a new one is added.

Like the examples above, you can have “n” numbers of measures and dimensions, which can be combined used logical operators (in natural English) to make discoverability much powerful and intuitive.

I agree TWS should be open to criticism where it’s due: we’re shareholders as well as customers after all.

It’s just the relentless negativity that I find a bit tiring - in this case assuming the worst about the new website before most of us have seen it.


I agree. Especially as we know that considerable work has gone into the site, it seems reasonable that the discussion should be polite and avoid being negative about aspects that we do not know enough about yet.


I’m not saying this functionality would not be useful… but I would suspect its a massive edge case in terms of the active membership.

I do hope it is phone friendly as thats all i use…

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This is one of the main things they said they were driving at as a very high percentage of their orders are made on mobile phones. The smartphone demo they showed looked good but I have little to compare it with as I almost never use my phone for ordering online.

Whereas I don’t think I’ve ordered from my computer since the first lockdown, always been on my phone. Same goes for participating on this community, always on the phone.


Hi @laura. Great to start seeing some images (though they are testing my eyesight :laughing:) and good that some community folks were able to get together on this. I do like the greater accessibility options that will be available; the multiple views of a bottle is a good idea (as long as the label then doesn’t test my language skills); and the option to order different types of product in one order is much appreciated.


Funnily, the back label in the demo was in French… Still better to have it than not IMHO.

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Totally agree. Will keep my brain ticking over if nothing else