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So, the Viña Zorzal is stored In Bond - I wonder if that is causing the dates to be missing for some reason. Or are there other wines stored DP which are not yet in their window and where the dates are missing?

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There are others missing too. I have in bond stuff that is drinking now that does have the dates. I don’t have anything duty paid that isn’t in drinking window to complete the matrix of options.

I am now tempted to pay the duty on the Zorzal on the name of SCIENCE (or, you know, website testing).

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Just warning others that there is a glitch with the ‘basket’ function, if you hold multiple cases in there. You can’t remove or reduce the items from the basket, as it just buffers, when you attempt to do so. Not sure whether it applies to all wines but it certainly applies to the Vinho Verde and North American case. This means that you will be unable to place an order until the glitch is fixed, which will be tomorrow, according to Member Services.

Some of us will hold, for example, 100 cases in the basket. so that we can monitor stock and hopefully, avoid missing out, before it sells out. Maybe, The Society is trying to teach us a lesson :slight_smile:

I was wanting to order the Vallone Graticciaia but hopefully, it won’t have sold out by tomorrow. I just hope that we don’t get a limited release of Domaine Dujac or the like, today, or I will be sobbing uncontrollably.

ICYMI I started a wiki for this, if anyone has notes saved somewhere they can share, please do!


In trying to work out how to do this (there’s no “pay duty” button clearly anywhere) has added a bottle to the cart and updated the cost of the cart to be the duty for one bottle. If this is a feature and not a bug, it looks like we can pay the duty a bottle at a time as we withdraw them, which is quite frankly awesome!

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To save you from your science / UX testing, my DP reserves don’t show the dates unless they are in the drinking window.

Excellent discovery on the duty “feature”, but I suspect that this is a bug rather than an intended option!

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Ah, my theory has fallen apart then… :upside_down_face:

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I did see that, thank you, excellent idea. I had started downloading the notes from the old site so I will check what I’ve got.

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Went looking to see if my vcp had been allocated yet, and noticed something wrong on the reserves page. The sorting dropdown (which needs more options anyway) doesn’t actually work for date purchasd. A-Z/Z-A works (takes a while for me but might be my connection) but date purchased returns a random sort, so not at all useful at the moment.

I’ve stopped reading this listing now. It is getting somewhat repetitive. Personally, I think it would be better to allow the new site to bed in with the problems already identified the main things to get righted.

No one is making you read it

Was also under the impression that feedback had been asked for

Rather wondering what you were aiming to accomplish with your post ?


I suspect it is more useful to TWS than many of the people reading it. I suspect the users here frequently will be using the whole breadth of the website and uncovering issues that TWS might otherwise not have been aware of.

There is occasionally a slight sense of entitlement, which probably reflects how strongly people feel about the organisation (and their wine collections held within), but I’m sure TWS staff reading this for useful nuggets can ignore it, crack on with their snagging list and work to their own priorities.


People will be using this forum to ask TWS to prominently label whether a wine was “English bottled” or not next. Unbelievable, isn’t it?


Wiki created, though it’s not marked as a Wiki yet (I can’t seem to find the spanner icon as per How to … Start a Wiki post)


Wiki: New Website Feedback / Ideas / Snagging List

@laura As noted, it’s a starting point, you may want to shuffle the categories around so they suit your team better.

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I made it a Wiki


I saw that, I appreciate the effort to get started, thanks

I just tried this with three of the wines in my basket and was able to adjust all three of them. However, it took three attempts to reduce the Gratticaia down from 58 cases to 55. The other two worked first time.

Maybe keep trying, especially if that limited Dujac release suddenly appears!

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Thanks @Brocklehurstj but have been trying to do so, since yesterday evening. I think that it probably only applies to some listings. It’s not a major issue but just wanted to alert others, in the event that they had come across the same problem.

If you can, try to leave a case of the Graticciaia for me, before you snaffle it all up :slight_smile:


In my wishlist I keep getting “This size not available select other size.” when actually there is no other size available and it is in fact simply “out of stock.” This is not consistent, so some wines do show “out of stock” whilst others have the size message when they are actually out of stock.


Yes, I would consider that more important to ‘all’ members and not just a few who may or may not have a particular penchant for more specific personal grievances.