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Preview: What to Expect from our New Website

I personally think it is a lot better than being at the bottom. It is next to other things you might regularly look at or click, like your account or basket. So you are more likely to notice it, I think.


Less bad, I suppose, but it is only useful there for people who already know what it is and just want to go back to it. It needs more prominence to attract people who don’t know what it is.

Looks great, really like the design. Looking forward to seeing more.

Great the community link is back at the top, so much easier than scrolling through the whole page. Of course this won’t attract vast numbers of new users, that’s not the job of a button, but it will create some awareness, and keep it visible and easily accessible for newbies & the curious.


Looking forward to this :slight_smile:


Thank you for posting an excellent insight to the new website.
I am sure that there will always be minor points but my feeling is that it looks really good and I wish you every success with it.


A lot of people here thought the same when it was moved to the bottom.

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@laura , it’s great to see something finally coming up. I hope this proves to be a lot more agile than in the past, and I also hope that TWS took this opportunity to upgrade the whole back-end, which feeds the front-end. This is really important because, no matter how much money you spend building a nice REACT web app with a shiny html5 front-end, if the databases and the data models powering are not suitably designed, you will still carry over the same issues you’ve had in the past.

To this point, I have just downloaded a csv for my reserves and silly things like the “Quantity stored” field having “6 bottles”, a text field when i(t should have been numeric) still points towards essential data modelling work to be done. Simple things like that need to be paid attention. There are many other examples like this.

Best of luck.


Putting the word ‘Community’ in the main navigation won’t do that. If you don’t know what something is you probably won’t click it in any navigation position.

If people aren’t participating because they’re not sure what to expect then that’s a problem not to be solved by the placement of an item in a navigation system.

Also, don’t underestimate how many people simply don’t want to participate in a forum. One of the great truisms of any website project is that if you ask an audience if they want a forum you’ll get a huge positive response. Then, having built said forum the tumbleweed rolls over it as it lays empty.


Or maybe there’s two fields joined together into a string for the CSV meaning the “problem” lies not with the data but the export routine?

The obvious place to put it, on the present version, would be under ‘about us’, but that seems to have disappeared from the new version. Where would I look under the new version to find out about either the community or the governance of the Society?
About us seems to be an essential part of any website.

I don’t know about you but I would start by selecting “Community” in the grey bar menu.

Under “About” in the same menu?

Seems pretty self-explanatory, no?

The menu is pretty standard and sensible IMHO. non-action-oriented stuff (about, contact) in the top, lower prominence with the action-oriented stuff (like buying wine) in the main navigation. It’s built around the most likely user goals. I bet well over 9/10 of the people who come to this site just come to find wine.


Ah, should have logged in at 15:00 :wink:

If the only way to understand the website is to have a one hour briefing, then the website is not usable.

Others who watched the presentation may be able to help here but I thought I heard a comment that the existing back end would be retained.

You might be proved right, but why not judge for yourself when it’s launched, and come back with an opinion based on real experience rather than cynicism?


The briefing was not to understand the website, but if you had participated, you might have seen more than these three screenshots.

If you are worried about the ‘About Us’ section, maybe wait until the release rather than speculating.

I would suggest all that general info will be at the bottom of every page, like now.


Yes they specifically showed that it could do that. No indication of any additional charges for doing it, though I think they may only come in on withdrawing split cases from reserves.


That screen where Justin was checking out the basket which also had the single bottle reserves withdrawal showed a charge of £10 for the privilege.

Ah I missed that! Thanks! I was looking for it but I must have blinked as he was scrolling :rofl:

Cynic that I am, that was what I was thinking all the way through the whole thread - namely is the principle function of the website still to buy wine?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then the rest is just filler for geeks to discuss on a forum :smiley: