Press Tasting - Autumn/Winter 2023

Hello again one and all!

Rather late in the day to be sharing this news with you all but next week we have our next press tasting.

Hosted at 67 Pall Mall in London, would any of you like to join us?

Would any of you like to attend? There are 2 places available. No formal tasting experience is needed, simply a willingness to come to London and enjoy sniffing, swirling and spitting (forwards or backwards!) around 90 wines in the company of some of the nation’s finest wine writers and tasters, plus our fabulous Buyers.

Huge thank you again to @Lincoln and @Rio_Jano for joining us for the last tasting.

You can see their great notes here.

If you’d like to come, please pop your name in the comments below before Tuesday 26 September and I’ll confirm the winners on Tuesday afternoon.

If you’re keen to attend, all you need to do is:

Check you’re free on Thursday 28 September

Be able to make your own way to 67 Pall Mall, London on that day

Join us from around 11am to just before 3pm

Be willing to write up your thoughts about the wines tasted and share them with the Community.

Thank you, sorry again for the short notice and good luck!


I’d love to!

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Many thanks for this. I’d love to come but not able to put my hat in the ring this time. Look forward to hearing from the lucky people who go. A la prochaine I hope!

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Yes please!

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I know I went to the last one so I’m ineligible this time round, but I’m tempted to use a fake ID, glasses and a false moustache and go again.

(seriously, this is a fantastic experience. Best of luck to all who enter the competition)


Ha ha ha! :crazy_face:

Yes please! Maybe this time I will get lucky :grinning:


So we’re expecting reviews from Sao_Paulo_Jano and stickpig?


yes, please


I’d love to go, but this is far too late notice - I won’t be able to rearrange for next Tuesday.

I’m sure it’ll be great fun, look forward to the reports.

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Would love to go but guess it’s too soon for me!

Any reason why so late in the day, did someone forget the community?


It’s next Thursday, isn’t it? If I’m reading it correctly.

Yes please, pretty please, with knobs on :pray:

Ah yes, you are. Still, I’ve got too much lined up next week to swing a day of wine tasting

Yes please

Are members selected for this based on experience, time in the community? I assumed names would all go into a hat and it would be a draw?

Yes random but I did one of the tastings earlier this year.


Yes please

Yes please!

Yes please