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Press tasting alert! It could be you!


Look forward to hearing more, but am I the only one who is deeply suspicious about “some great aged Albariño from 1st April”?


:joy: It does sound fishy, I know. You’ll just have to trust me that there was some 10 year old Albariño that blew our collective socks off, and the crib sheet said ‘available from April 1’!


I am scouring the social media accounts of the various wine writers who were there to see if ANY of them have eluded to it :rofl::rofl:


Do share your findings, Detective Newman! :female_detective: :grinning:


I trust what Robert says. But what about the sneaky TWS staff that wrote the crib sheet, eh?


I’m gonna take a stab and say it’s this


10 year old albarino? Sounds mad…i’m in!


At £50 per bottle, I’d want to taste it myself first


That’s the one. There’s a 2007 and 2008 too. All stunning, all different.


Wowzas! Hmmm will give it a think - As an alternative, what albarino would age? It’s not a grape i’m that familiar with but I’m always willing to try!


“Only” £39.50 from TWS. But I do see your point. But @Rifka, @JayKay and I have tasted it :yum:


This is what the crib sheet says:

A different take on albariño which is aged on its lees for nearly three years, then spends another three in bottle before being released. The 2009 is finely structured with great depth, showing peachy fruit and lovely spice notes.

I don’t have my notes with me at the moment, but from memory the 2007 was very fruity and perfumed, the 2008 much steelier, and 2009 somewhere between the two.


I can quite easily imagine that any half-decent albariño would keep and improve for 10 years or so. They usually have good acidity, and the better ones do not lack in intensity of flavour either.

I’m drinking a lot of Terras Gauda O Rosal at the moment, which I think is excellent value for money (£12 from CostCo). Might try holding some back.


And would you part with your own money for it?


Yes, I think that I would. It’s clearly something for a special occasion, and obviously many would baulk at paying that for any wine. It’s sufficiently good and unusual, though, that for me it justifies the price tag for that sort of purchase.


Yes! As Robert said, for a special occasion. We tasted it so it’s easier for us to make that judgement - it would t be a risk for us. And I’m reassured because our palates are different. We agreed on a fair amount but there were other wines where our tastes differed.


It’ll be on the wishlist on the 1st!


Bodega Castro Martin does some really good examples, which age well according to my friends in Spain. Virtually all their wines are Sobre Lias (on the lees), which apparently extends their potential to age. The specific one I had with friends was the Castro Martin Family Estate - can’t remember what year, though. M&S sell their entry level wine, but that one’s not for aging, I don’t think.
The other Galician grape with an amazing capacity to age is Godello. ‘As Sortes’ From Rafael Palacios is amazing (usually costs around £35)


Agreed. 2007 - a wine of contemplation. No food required. The 08 and 09 would be good with a plain but spectacular fish dish like turbot, halibut or maybe monkfish.


Thirded! Those Albarinos were special.