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Press tasting alert! It could be you!


Yes please! I’m available


Me too, please!


Do it, you’ll have a brilliant time and get to try some lovely wines in the company of lovely people. I went with @Bargainbob and still had fun… :wink:


I think after a year it should be reset so then I’m back in the game :wink::wink:! Add me @Ewan thanks :rofl::clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses:


Yes please and available


Please put my name in the already-pretty-crowded hat too.


I’d love to come, please add my name to the list.


Would love to.


Me too please!


Yes please!!! Would love the opportunity!


Yes please I would like to take part if possible.


Yes, please.Sounds too good to miss!


Yes, please! Count me in :+1::metal::fire:


Yes please, sounds great!


Me too in the hat please!


This is awful. We have made it sound too appealing, so those of us who have been in the past will never get back. Would you believe us if we said that we were just joking, and it was really painful to have to taste all those wines, meet people, etc.? Please let us keep the burden of doing it for the rest of you.


We all have a cross to bear! I’ll bear mine happily! :grin:


Sounds awesome — count me in please!


Please include me in !


Yes please