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Press reviews

In the absence of collated press reviews on the website, I thought it might be useful to have a thread where they (or links to them) could be posted.

There are some TWS wines included here


Nice one thanks for sharing, some nice wines at a decent price on the list

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Nice idea:

Jancis Robinson’s best bubbly for winter revels - https://on.ft.com/3oios1X via @FT

The best white wines for Christmas - https://on.ft.com/3xUzsWH via @FT


Pure coincidence, opened a bottle of Planeta yesterday evening. Jancis is absolutely right to pick this one; I noted flint, lemon and herbs, bone dry.

Planeta, Eruzione 1614 2018 Sicilia 12.5%
Carricante vines are planted at 800m on volcanic soils. Nutty lime flavours and light chewiness. Amazing texture.
£18.50 The Wine Society


Sounds lovely. Into the basket it goes.

Hugh Johnson’s pocket book notes the vineyard is the most recently acquired of Planeta’s six on Etna but doesn’t say when this happened

This link for JR is not paywalled.



Jancis Reds:



Thanks for sharing, Richard :+1:

Good to see one of my regular faves getting lots of positive reviews in the press at the moment:

Vergelegen Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot 2018 Stellenbosch 14%
Even better value than the Sauvignon Blanc 2020 at the same price. Made with enormous care by André van Rensburg and just the job for those brought up on red bordeaux even if those more used to Napa Cabernet might find it a bit too dry. A massive bargain for current drinking.
£10 Tesco


I am still baffled as to why they can’t manage to get recent press (and member) reviews on the site. Seems frankly perverse and so low tech compared to what else they try to do…


Joanna Simon:


Especially as the press reviews are always favourable.

Perhaps that is the problem? Complacency? The standard answer to direct emails (and to comments on the website here) seems to be that they know there is a problem.

It’s not complacency. As The Society’s PR Manager I need these quotes on the website, and they are there, still under each of the wines reviewed, but not, as a secondary catch-all, all on one page on the website, as was previously the case. (The press review page was one of the least visited pages on the old iteration of the website - it will be back, is on the list to do, but it’s not currently high on the list of things to fix. I keep chasing, though).

The last week’s reviews will be posted shortly (they’re put up in weekly batches).


No reviews appear on the wine pages for some of us. This has been reported repeatedly.

This type of reply (which has been sent to more than one of us) doesn’t show much commitment to fix this:

We are committed to sharing both press and member reviews on our website but unfortunately there is a bug currently that means that reviews sometimes don’t appear for some members. Our IT team are aware and are working on a solution which we hope will be implemented soon.

Thanks Ewan. I didn’t realise until this discussion that they were all gathered together. My problem was I couldn’t find any reviews at all under individual wines. I’ve just checked again and see that I now can see (some?) reviews attached to the relevant wines, which is a big improvement as far as I’m concerned. This is on my phone anyway. Haven’t yet tried my tablet or laptop but hope the reviews will be visible on them too.

I can probably see all the press reviews on the wines (can’t be sure though), it’s only the member reviews I am unable to see.

This is my issue too (I’ve just checked a wine I know there’s reviews for as I wrote one for it!).

On wines with previous vintages I can click on the buttons for the previous years, but can’t see any reviews on any of them.

Chrome on a mac.

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As mentioned previously, I suspect this is because it was hidden away in an unlikely location.


That is encouraging. We have previously been told the member and press review ‘round up’ was not much visited but I think if featured more prominently, it might be more popular, plus I suspect it delivers more ‘response’ per visit than most pages. I used it frequently to try out new wines based on what other people- members especially, but also press- were saying.

Do you know if there are also plans to restore the member review ratings as a search criteria? That also disappeared. I can imagine buyers might be a bit against that because it might exclude good wines that happen get get (unfairly?) negative reviews but as a member owned and led enterprise, it does seem pretty core to the brand essence.


No, still don’t get member reviews on my tablet - Asus and Chrome.