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Presidents, wine tariffs and teetotal opinions


So, without wanting to open a general discussion on the American president and his views (there’s not enough bandwidth or server space to cope, I fear and it’s really a topic for somewhere else), I wonder if the community found Mr Trump’s opinion on French vs American wines somewhat bizarre, considering he is teetotal. This quote from an article on the BBC News website caught my eye…

Trump threatens tariffs…

"Asked about the issue in the Oval Office later, Mr Trump, who is teetotal, said: “I’ve always liked American wines better than French wines. Even though I don’t drink wine. I just like the way they look.”

The article also states that the US is the world’s largest consumer of wine, which I was surprised at and, somewhat selfishly, if tariffs were applied, would we reap an unexpected benefit in terms of less French wine being bought in the USA and eventually lower prices here?


He likes American wines more, because he owns a winery in the US…


So obviously I was way off track in thinking that Trump might be a person for whom appearance was more important than content. How wrong can I be!

But yes, we can always hope it will result in lower prices in UK; I don’t think I’ll be betting on that outcome though.



I can think of another ‘leader’ who was famously a teetotaller. The less said the better. In both cases :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Apparently the US drinks most wine, but is pretty low on the list per capita - 55th in the world.

One thing about the US, they don’t have cheap, mass market cider like we have in the UK. So cheap - very cheap - wine plays that role, a very cheap drink to get drunk on for the anti-social and homeless demographic etc.


Brilliant article from the Daily Express about British Prime Ministers and their drinking habits. Also, gives a quick overview of US Presidents in the last couple of paragraphs.

Apparently, Mrs. Thatcher was one of the all-time great drinkers, which I didn’t know.

In the US, Martin Van Buren and Richard Nixon were two of the biggest drinkers. Nixon apparently would hit the bottle, have a long phone conversation with a world leader, and have no recollection of it the next morning…


There is a very good you tube video of President Macron doing a blind tasting with I think La Revue du Vins. Apparently he has a glass every day with lunch and dinner.


Luckily he could always play the tapes back!


I wonder if Trump would like ‘orange’ wine…?


He likes it to come from a walled vineyard…


prevents infestation


prevents the manual labour to get in…


I’m in Maine now. quite surprised to see the same muscadets on the shelf, as I get from tws in UK.

Trump is posturing for the media, I’m not sure he can get tariffs imposed, and would lose a trade war against the EU in anyway?


Americans like their EU wine and I don’t think they’d be too happy with President Trump monkeying with it - whether they’re Trump supporters or detractors (and obviously, the great majority in New England despise the guy.)

Politics aside, yes, Muscadet is super popular in the US. How the French produce enough, I don’t know.