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Hi all,

Seems a bit like an oxymoron but I am starting to look for recommendations for ‘everyday’ premium wines, I would describe this sort of wine as something that costs under £10 a bottle but are almost fine wine in quality. I know that fine wine is usually classed slightly higher up the price bracket but there seems to be a gap between the under £7 mark and the £7-10 in terms of a category.

An example that springs to mind (although slightly over the £10 budget is the Thymiopoulos Greek wine which I would recommend to anyone.

The wine is not that expensive but does punch well above its price point in terms of interesting flavours and complexity.

In terms of the whites I know there are still some great Chilean wines in this price bracket as well, plus some great Portuguese offerings.

Looking to pull together a mixed case of some of these wines to put in the rack at home.

Basically looking for a wine that you pick up off the rack and think: “Yeah that would be nice”, rather than picking it off the rack and think: “Hmm I will save that for special occasion”. Eg a wine that you look forward to but don’t worry about how much it costs if that makes sense.


Mentioning Chilean white, this would meet your criteria…


I tend to find that with most cheaper wines, though they might be lovely to drink, they tend to lack depth and complexity. Not so, in my opinion, this Italian:

Aged in oak barrels for 18 months and only £7.95 what’s not to like about that!


Great topic!
This wine is CRACKING value for money. Not available right now but great potential for ageing. Drink it young or stick it away to get even better.


What’s not to like


Three wines all from one producer…ok TWS doesn’t offer the Tavel, but the other two afford memorable drinking for 5p short of £11…




My gawd, it’s good!!:+1::+1:


And sold out :frowning::disappointed_relieved::sob:

Here’s a good alternative and a cracking option as a premium house red:

From a slightly different region, but also a Concha y Toro bottling. I haven’t had this vintage but the previous ones I’ve had were excellent!


Damn right it is, @Leah! Off the top of my head I can’t think of another wine that is delicious from the word go, yet goes on getting better, probably for decades now it’s under screwcap. Once it comes back in stock, just buy it.


Yes!! ALL of it :wink:!!

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@Bargainbob. Totally with you on this one. Delicious wine!

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From TWS:
Meerlust Red
Madiran Ode d"Aydie
Corsican Rose

From Lidl:
Outlook Bay Syrah or PN


Interesting , looked at Outlook bay today and wondered what it was like ??