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Premier League 2017-18


There you go, seriously hope there are other football fans out there (what we call football in this country that is)… I have to watch MOTD tonight just to see Xherdan Shaquiri (shortest player in Europe…) heading it in. Do not talk to me from 17:30 onwards…


I’m a Manchester United fan, but I’m finding myself to be slightly less engaged since Mourinho took the reins. I can’t stand the man, and he seems to suck the joy out of the team too. I was spoiled by the Ferguson years, clearly! Apparently the West Brom v Southampton game was an epic with some fantastic goals - first up on MOTD I reckon!


Wenger before Mourinho whatever happens… by the way I can be talked to now…


As a Leeds Utd fan, I’m hopeful of joining this thread next season :wink:

However, having just got in from a trip up to Elland Road today to watch that disaster against Cardiff, I fear I may have to wait a bit longer…


YNWA from here :grinning:


Not a good day to switch away from having Aguero as captain :frowning: