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Pre Christmas Port



Hi all,

I have a bottle of birthday 1987 port to open this Christmas however as opening a bottle now will mean that it will be empty well before Christmas I am in search of a bottle to open before Christmas.

I notice that we are now selling some Warre’s 2000 LBV:

There is also the usual Society LBV port which I have always enjoyed:

As well as the Exhibition Crusted:

Should I just go with the cheaper LBV or the crusted or should I push the boat out a bit and go with the Warres 2000?


Sounds like this year is a special year, so I’d be inclined to push the boat out.

Plus, you can then tell us all if the Warre is worth it before we do the same :wink:


you know you want the Warre…


As a port-loving, yet very forgetful, man I completely forgot about getting some port in for Xmas/December/Wednesday!

Thank you very much for the reminder and I’ll be sure to get some of The Society’s LBV 2012 on my next order :slight_smile:


Did you get the Warre in the end? I just Coravinned it and was well impressed.