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Pre-AGM Ask Me Anything with three of our Executive Team, 1-2pm



This is a great suggestion and a new one to me. I will check the requirements list we are building for web developments and will ensure that it is on the list. I also tend to agree with you about incentives to get new members. Our only active recruitment currently is member get member and we tend to stick to tried and tested ways of incentivising this activity. In the future we will have more active acquisition strategies and can review our approach to member-get-member.


One question for the Fine wine section. There has been some controversy about the mailing of offers, pricing and limited allocation of limited supply items.
It a very difficult thing to get right.
Could the society be more open about it policy? Am not even sure if I’m on the list although I’ve asked to be I haven’t had any offers.


Hi Russ - this is a difficult one. Firstly, there is no list to be on or not. Second, when we send single bottle e mails, we limit the distribution to those most likely to be interested. Sometimes this bumps up against our policy not to send too many e mails to members (believe it or not, we do have a limit) and a member may be inadvertently excluded. We need to do better !


If we do nothing and try to run our business the way we do today, then we will not be sustainable. In order to manage today’s business, let alone the future, we need to build a new warehouse, put our website onto a new platform, sort out old and out of support IT systems, even before natural inflation kicks in. Subscription models do have some value, but it isn’t really the type of business we want to become as it erodes the one member, one share, one vote philosophy that in some way defines us. The strategy we are developing faces directly into these challenges and we will communicate the highlights of this once it is approved by The Committee.


On the subject of offers again. I am sure there are many members who would like to order from an offer but simply can’t afford to commit to buying 12 bottles. What are the logistical difficulties with letting members order in 6’s. I am interested in this as I recently received 3x6 bottles of the same wine, 1x6 was in the makers packaging the other 2x6 were in TWS boxes. If this was because the original packaging was damaged then this is a concern.


Hi Tom, I’m likely to go Italian with the choice being weather-driven. A warm Wednesday evening, can’t beat a chilled glass of Brindisi Rose:

or Society’s Falanghina (though we prefer this the day after opening - if we can keep it that long!).

On a colder hunker-down evening Society’s Sicilian Red never fails:


Another one.
Sometimes it looks like TWS has a great offer on traditional wines. Do you feel that sometimes it can miss the next thing. If you are to get young members then maybe more low intervention wines. And a wider range where new young makers are ie South Africa, Oregon to name just two


Hi, I may need to be clearer on the problem here. There is no minimum order - members can order just six bottles, no problem - although this would incur a delivery charge where the value is lower than £75.


Thanks for that
But it contradicts what customers service has said, that I’m on the list for fine wine offers.
Further I think I buy widely in the fine wine areas so I would think I would be an interested member.
I’m afraid your answer just does help me understand TWS policy
I just would like some of the offers that get highlighted on the forum to come to me as well.


Yes sorry I wasn’t very clear, I was thinking of placing in reserves.


Hi Russ, we looked at the structure of our range last year, a massive project comparing ours with competitors. The Society’s is the broadest range in the country- it is skewed to traditional areas because that’s what members want. But we sell Uruguay, were the first to champion Chile twenty years’ ago, have an extensive range from Australia and New Zealand, Eastern Europe, Greece, Lebanon etc…Low intervention is an interesting area- there is no doubt that low intervention results in better wines, most of our growers take this sensible approach to vine growing and winemaking. The only problem is that it is something that is difficult to certify and therefore state in our marketing material.


It will become very smooth once we have our preference centre and better tools to communicate. There is definitely no hidden agenda, just tools that sometimes struggle to keep up with more modern ways of running a business - e mail, preferences, member targeting…


I’m afraid the Contino 935 sold out in the en primeur offer last year. The good news is that I have just blended the 936 which is excellent and which we are offering next week!


There’s just one more advance question we haven’t answered, from @Richard about sending samples to critics and influencers. As this is all done by @Ewan I thought I’d let him answer that for you later today! :slight_smile:

Time for maybe one or two final questions before we wrap up?


I’d echo the desire to be able to buy in 6s for reserves always. Has stopped me ordering on more than one occasion.


I shared to the Forum the “simple” front end that BBR (cough) use for their preference facility within your account - it works well…obviously a lot of back end work to ensure the right communication gets to the member


Just wondering if you could clarify this a little. I read it as meaning that the recruitment drive was a means to an end rather than an end in itself to result in particular representation in the membership. Struck me as a little odd as the two seem entirely compatible to me, particularly when it comes to expanding female membership?


Ah yes, I see. There are some challenges to address to make this work logistically and with our systems - so not something we can do soon, but there is certainly a will to make our Members Reserves facility more flexible for members.


Hi Mark - it was a probably clumsy way to say that we don’t plan to pick out a particular demographic and target it in isolation. Our main criteria is to find members with an interest in wine. I believe that campaigns have been previously targeted at young or female potential members. I prefer a broader scope that better fits with the values of The Society


That’s all we have time for today I’m afraid! Thanks SO much to everyone for your brilliant questions, and thanks to @PierreM, @SteveF and @LizCerroti for giving up your lunch hour to be here to answer them! :smile:

We’ll be hosting our next AMA in early July - I’m thrilled to reveal it’s going to be a Bordeaux EP AMA with our buyer Tim Sykes! :smiley: We’ll be inviting questions for that in the next few weeks. :slight_smile:

Thanks again, everyone!