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Potential quality issue with The Society’s White Burgundy (ref BU78851) Lot no: L631921

I received an email from Customer Services informing me that the there is a quality problem with something I bought my wife for Xmas.
Unfortunately the email is quite vague and doesn’t really indicate which of my many purchases this relates to.

I did buy a box of Society Whites Case LC21402A which contains a bottle called The Society’s White Burgundy so I’m kind of assuming this is the only bottle in the case affected.

Basically, I getting grief as the missus wants to know whether or not she can start opening the other bottle(s) :scream::partying_face::wine_glass::joy:

My reading would be that only that particular bottle was a concern. In any case the other bottles will still carry the Society guarantee and could be drunk as normal. In the unlikely event that something is wrong you could still make a complaint about it.
I would carry on without any worry!

It may be that your bottle of Society burgundy is fine too. This is a very popular wine so the chance yours is from a particular batch is probably quite small.


Thanks Andy that was my interpretation of the email too. I can’t find any obvious batch number on the bottle and certainly not one that is exactly as shown in the email.

I think I’ll put that bottle aside and tell the missus to crack on with the other bottle(s)…perhaps join her half an hour after she’s had her first glass just to be sure :joy::wink:


Are you worried there’s a shot of Moderna in it? Or maybe Pfizer? Or even Tizer?! :wink:


I’d be more worried about Irn Bru


Surely it is only that specific wine. I am sure the rest will be fine.
I happen to have a bottle of TWS White Burgundy which I got in a mixed case a couple of months ago and my lot number is L609621. Your’s looks to be a much more recent bottling so I suspect TWS have got on to the problem very quickly.


Assuming it was bottled after January 2019 it must have a lot number by regulation: Regulation of wine labeling in the EU - CASALONGA

So I would suggest taking a closer look, and if it’s a match there is no point chancing it; the purpose of this is to identify batches of goods packaged in effectively identical circumstances and they seem to know there is a problem already.

Thanks for posting, @Chris_Gilbert! We’re sorry for the inconvenience with this!
For anyone else reading who might be affected by this, you just need to check if you have any bottles of The Society’s White Burgundy with lot no: L631921

If so, please email memberservices@thewinesociety.com confirming the number of bottles with this lot number so that we can arrange a credit for you. Then please dispose of any affected bottles.

No further action is required if you have bottles with a different lot number! As the problem is exclusive to lot number L631921.

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This is the label on mine. It does have a number, bottom left, but it’s not in the same format as the lot number with the issue so I didn’t know whether or not it was a lot number or just some other random number.

Any ideas? Thanks

The lot number can be found on the neck of the bottle, hope that helps!

I really think the Society should consider stocking some Vimto and some of the other ‘gingers’ as they are called in the Glasgow region. In fact, a nice tasting featuring some vintage Garvies (of Milingavie) Cream Soda, Alpine Red Cola, Barr’s Irn Bru.

Maybe with a nice assortment of baked goods? Sausage rolls, Bridies (sorry Englandshire folks - they are amazing) and of course Scotch Pie?

Event people in the WS, take note!