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POSTPONED! Ask Me Anything with buyer Marcel Orford-Williams



Hi everyone!

I’m so sorry about this but due to unforeseen circumstances, and despite our best efforts, we’re not able to bring you Marcel’s AMA today! :frowning: We know so many of you - and us - were looking forward to this, so it’s a real shame…

…BUT never fear! We still have all of your brilliant questions and are endeavouring to find a new slot for this in the not-at-all-distant future :slight_smile: At the moment, this looks likely to be the same time next week, Wednesday 6th February, but we’ll confirm this ASAP.

So while we’re incredibly sad about this hiccup and sorry for any disappointment, rest assured this event will take place, and very soon! Thanks for your patience and thanks again for submitting so many great questions.


What a morning :frowning: It had to be the most popular one we’ve had so far, too! Sincerest apologies, all - we’re working hard to get this back on track for next week.


Great, as I’m sure like many, I’ll not be clicking on “purchase” for Rhone EP until this AMA :laughing:


There was mention this might be rescheduled for today - is that still the plan? Don’t want to miss it!


Yes! Sorry, @ASmith, I forgot we’d said ‘hopefully’ but in fact we’re all set for this lunchtime. Really excited about this one!


Looking forward to this :+1:


What time @Laura ?


where are the original questions?


Here @Russ AMA with Pierre Mansour, Head of Buying


I know I’m not Laura, but hope this can be forgiven :joy:

We’re on at 1pm today! Same time as we’d hoped to be on last week :ok_hand:


Just noticed that’s Pierre’s AMA link in previous post: here are the questions that were posted for Marcel and which he’ll be answering shortly :slight_smile:


I’m excited for this … I bumped into Marcel yesterday whilst he was tasting Rhône of course …! I made him pose for a photo :rofl::rofl:


Come and join us!

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