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Portuguese wine - where to get it?

Looking for recommendations of either online retailers or shops where you can find a vast Portuguese selection. I do buy from TWS and although is not a bad selection it lacks many well known names and more variety.
BBR selection is appallingly small!
Quinta do Portal, Vallado, Symington, Herdade dos Coelheiros, Soalheiro, Quinta do Vale Meao, Luis Pato

Handford Wines currently list 36 Portuguese wines


If you want to order direct from Portugal Vinha and Portugal Vineyards have a great range.


Have you used any ? I’ve seen ads but wasn’t sure if it’s worth taking the risk of placing an order

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I’ve used Portugal Vineyards. The only time I’ve ever had a problem is when they were moving warehouse and didn’t bother telling people with orders so I waited a couple of months for it. Outside that I’d say it’s about the same as Decantalo for service.


I’ve used them tons. They are better with delivery now as it seems they have stopped using DHL and have switched to UPS so much quicker delivery than previous.
Decantalo also stock wines from Portugal but are Spanish so while the range is good, it’s not as in depth as Portugal vineyards.


I will give it a try. Thank you!

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Let us know what you’ve ordered :upside_down_face:

I can recommend Portages Vinhos, their are an importer as well as selling online https://www.portuguesevinhos.uk

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Have been doing the ‘rounds’ of suppliers and to date have used Tanners twice with latest order arriving (very quickly) yesterday.
Although favourite everyday red is Ramos reserva 2018 from Majestic, when it’s in stock. Pleased to have recommendations from others above!

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I used them recently. Took a fortnight from order (about 7 cases) to shipping and then about a week for 6 of the 7 to be delivered (by DHL - so @Leah I don’t think they have completely switched to UPS) with the last case arriving another 6 days later. Very well packaged. If you choose the order quantity carefully the shipping rates come down to quite reasonable levels. I found their service levels slightly less good than Decantalo.

Will agree with the recommendation of Tanners - my local family run merchant. Reasonable selection, good mail order service, and their main base is well worth a visit if you are ever in Shrewsbury.


I’m pretty sure you can now select which delivery option you want, DHL or UPS, a couple of years ago I had 2 boxes out of a 5 box order get damaged and the whole order sat in Amsterdam for a week . I chased and chased both PV and DHL until eventually the whole order was sent back to Porto
To be sent out again . That took about 5 weeks so I wasn’t very impressed . I always now select UPS now but I agree the service isn’t as good as Decantalo which can arrive in under 5 days sometimes .

I really loved this.
Anselmo Mendes

Anselmo Mendes Contacto Alvarinho Vinho Verde 2018

So sad that the WS haven’t got more in - did the producer become too expensive/popular?

I was looking at placing an order today and dhl was the only option. I selected 24 bottles however I will wait another couple of weeks as it’s quite hot in Portugal currently and wine will boil in transit

Majestic supply a lovely red called LB7 from Lisboa and another similar one from the same vineyard

If you’re after stuff that’s over €15 a bottle, then you can’t go wrong ordering in 10-bottle lots from Garrafeira Nacional as delivery is free (for up to 10 bottles) if over €150.

For larger quantities of cheaper wines (e.g. lower-end Alvaro Castro, Quinta do Ameal, not cheap here!), I’ve found enovinho better value than alternatives. They are erratic but reliable, if that makes sense (poor inventory control but will communicate and deliver).

Garrafeira Soares occasionally used to have deep discounts on interesting things but I haven’t ordered from them recently. Good luck!