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Portuguese Conquerors

This is always very pleasant. Great with tapas. Strikes the right balance between depth, sweetness and nuttiness. Good value too.



Londoners may be interested in this bit.

"FESTA is organised by Sarah Ahmed and Max Graham of Bar Douro and takes place on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th June 2022 at Tobacco Dock, London. We have 30 discounted tickets available for the event, and all registrants will be given the option to be entered into a draw for the tickets (details will be emailed).

Please note this is not an event organised by the Wine Society but does feature many of our producers including Anselmo Mendes, Soalheiro, Niepoort, Q da Pedra Alta, Casa Ferreirinha, Q da Romeira, Q do Mouro, Esporão, Pico Wines alongside 40 other producers."


Thanks. Have registered :crossed_fingers:

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Cabriz a portugese rose from Lidl recommended on Saturday kitchen just now

I’ve been trying to track down a bottle of this for a few weeks now. Not stocked in south east London it seems. Now even less likely to be found after this recommendation.

Got one to try from my local

Leaving tomorrow for a four night celebratory stay in Porto following my wife’s ‘all clear’ after major surgery in November last and our wedding anniversary tomorrow. Any recommendations for a top class white ( I know I can hear they sharp intake of breath) , fruit forward and not too oaked? Is that a runner???We are eating at the Yeatman on Wednesday evening and I would be happy to put the boat well out.


Anything from Pico in the Azores should be delightful
Fruity and mineral with good acidity and body


Oh yes, seconded. If you need something to listen to on the flight, can recommend this podcast on Pico wine


Many thanks, I’ll look out for this.

Cheers, good to know.

Couldn’t resist listening to this and very impressed! I’ll reprise on the flight. Much obliged!!

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That podcast series is a bit dangerous. So many hours of excellent interviews with interesting people it can suck hours from your life!

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Some top alvarinho will do as well

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Yes, YouTube aussi!

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As if by magic, this appears together with a very nice-looking selection of Portuguese delights. Found in the latest edition of 1874.


Thanks @lockej :star_struck:


One of those here too:


I really wish you hadn’t posted this :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:



If you are still on for this, why don’t you ask the sommelier for a suggestion? I’ve only ever eaten there once, but it was a memorable experience, and the sommelier’s suggestions for us were spot on.