Back in the day I used to get a lot of cardboard boxes from Portugal

So when they sent me a discount code I thought, is it viable to use them again?

Short answer: no. If it was more than a 10% code maybe but after all the VAT and import duty, GBPS vs Euro etc is added on the cost of wine was more than doubled

I guess there might be some edge case with more expensive lower alcohol wine? But for normal purposes, nope


I was also stung last year … Decantalo and Vinissimus are the only ones worth buying from now given they factor the duty etc into their costings for U.K. customers .


However I recently used Svinando (who are based in Milan). They also price in duty and vat.

They had a special offer with 25% off all whites.

Picked up 6 Donnafugata Anthilia and some Talamonti reds and whites too

The Anthilia is currently on their website at £11.90 a bottle. Currently £19.50 on the TWS list.

Also free shipping above £69.

Think there’s a money off for first purchase too.

A lot of wines are close to UK prices.


I did wonder whether you would avoid the duty etc if you kept the amount below £135. Anyone have any experience ordering from the EU where the order value was below the threshold?

Just checked.

My Svinando order mid August was a tad over £153.

Duty and VAT included.

I used to buy from them a lot. Great prices avoiding the tax and duty.

I did hear about the order limit- I think it was specifically EUR150- but I don’t believe that can be relied upon based on what I heard from other customers. Some did get through untaxed but a lot didn’t and you got mega bills from the courier company for the paperwork.