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Portugal wine trip tips

I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions for wineries to visit not too far from Lisbon? Any suggestions welcome, I’m looking to expand my experience of Portuguese wines in any way possible - organised tastings or just any suggestions for a random visit to some winery

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How far is not too far ?

Within a couple of hours drive :slight_smile:

Oh well you have dozens of options.

I can personally vouch for the following…

Quinta do Sanghuinal in Tejo, CAS - Companhia Agrícola Sanguinhal 60 mins north
Quinta de Sant’Ana https://www.quintadesantana.com 40 minutes north
AdegaMae https://adegamae.pt/?lang=en 90mins 45 mins north
The Co-Op in Colares ( Colares must be on anyone’s must-visit if the area) 45mins west. They don’t have a website but you can just turn up.
Casal Santa Maria - which also make a Ramisco - (need to book this one) - also in Colares https://casalstamaria.pt
José Maria da Fonesca in Azeitao Casa Museu - Enoturismo - José Maria da Fonseca 40 mins south. For moscatel and perequita.
Cartuxa in Evora Cartuxa | Adega Cartuxa 90 mins east.
Quinta do Mouro in Alentejo Quinta do Mouro | The genie in the bottle of Miguel Mouro 110 mins east


Brilliant, thank you, this is a fabulous list for me to explore :slight_smile:

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I’ve had good visits to: https://chocapalha.pt/en/home_en/

And at Quinta Varzea da Pedra (no website that I can find). Both around Obidos, really welcoming, eager to show you around their wineries and producing great wine.

On Obidos, there’s a good wine shop just inside the gates too, which will give you good advice and access to bottles from other parts of the country.

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I live in Portugal, though not near Lisbon. PJH makes some excellent suggestions.

The only one I’d disagree with is Fonseca. I would recommend two producers in the Palmela region near Setúbal - Horácio Simões and Quinta do Piloto. Both are small traditional producers, to my mind at least much more interesting than the glossy tasting experiences to be had nearby from Bacalhoa and Fonseca. Another one a bit inland (east) from there is Herdade do Portocarro.

Évora and Alentejo in general way too far for wine visits for me personally (though Évora is of course worth a visit).


Not trying to disagree with a local but we liked the visit to Fonesca. Their museum is very interesting and their nearby-owned café Casa das Tortas is a great tapas-style lunch stop


Sounds interesting and glad you enjoyed it! Just that the wines are a lot more interesting elsewhere IMO.

I’m excited to see that you suggest Colares.
40 years ago I used to buy Portuguese wines from specialist importers (R S Pass, Importugal etc) and my reds were mainly Colares and the few whites I bought were Bucelas.
I haven’t seen mention of either of them since then.

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I agree that smaller producers may be more interesting from many points of view but I suggest Fonseca is still important enough to warrant a visit.
Periquita and Camarate are mid-range wines that helped put Portugal on the quality wine map in the UK a few decades ago.

I used to love their Moscatel wines that if I remember correctly were in two ages, something like 10 years old and 30 years old. I think that changed and these days for the rare occasion that I have a dessert wine I have Ermelinda Freitas which I can buy in Luxembourg for a few euros a bottle.

Yeah, a few decades ago for sure! But the scene is a whole lot more interesting now. But of course a visit isn’t ALL about the wine.

Colares is fascinating but (necessarily).expensive, and usually needs decades. Bucelas is still available here in the best garrafeiras.

For everyone who mentioned Co-op in Colares, is this the one - Adega Regional de Colares - Adega Regional de Colares ?

Yes the very same. Didn’t realise they had a website. But we called in back in 2014…
I bought a bottle of that 2001 and still haven’t opened it. It might just be ready now I guess…


Some of the Portuguese wines that we used to enjoy in the 1970s and 1980s.

I also remember M J Colares which I think was Manuel Jose Colares 1976.

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A few years ago I met João Pedro of Portugalia Wines and he told me that the company is the successor of one of the specialists that I used in the 1980s.
No Bucelas or Colares on the list now but he does sell Monte Cascas organic wines, a company whose selection impressed me at the LWF a few years ago.

MJC - I had forgotten there was a white Colares.

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Many have mentioned some lovely suggestions; one that I went to recently and thoroughly enjoyed was Quinta da Bacalhôa (which also has a museum and a palace). Lovely place to visit in Setubal :blush:

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I didn’t mention Bacalhoa myself as I didn’t think their wines that interesting, but their winery has a bonkers ancient Chinese dynasty theme park which is great fun to plonk around; so it depends on your priorities I guess…


Very true! I personally don’t find the wine to be outstanding but the whole experience is quite enjoyable and you can easily spend the whole day there (sometimes they have evening events with wine tastings, candles and torches, live music, it’s quite nice)
p.s. lovely pics!! :slight_smile: