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Port masterclass


I’m very excited about the Port masterclass tasting tomorrow. Is anyone else going? It would be great to compare notes.


And that’s before you’ve seen the wines being poured!

I’m very excited although not looking forward to all the decanting I’ll have to do.


New ports to the list in time for Christmas?


Will check with Jo what the plans are for the Christmas list.

For this tasting we are focusing on the different styles:

A white port
A couple of tawnies
A 2013 and 2000 LBV.
A crusted port
A VP from 2010, 1985, 1977 and 1963.


Looking forward to “the wise one” tawny heading our way. I believe it’s the description of the purchaser rather than the old guy in specs on the label :wink:


Good point, this is the one I was going to try this winter. Popped it in my basket for the next order. Also my Coravin likes port closed with a normal cork…


That sounds interesting, @Tim_S. Especially the flight of VP’s - it’s pretty rare that anyone outside the wine merchant’s cellars will get the chance to see how top vintage VPs mature over this sort of timeframe, tasted alongside each other.

There are also huge differences within the categories of tawnies and white ports to explore further too, but I guess you have to keep the whole thing manageable. Breadth, plus depth in one area sounds like a good compromise on that front. I’d be interested to hear back from anyone who does attend.


This all sounds amazing. Can’t wait for tomorrow night and am happy to report back.


Please do, @Tomitom!
It’s always interesting to hear people’s impressions from tasting events (TWS’s or otherwise).


Well that was a stressful night.

Opening, decanting and serving 11 ports was even harder than I feared but hopefully the event was enjoyed by those who attended.

I’ll let @Tomitom share his views but thought I would post a few pics. Unfortunately this was all I had time to snap.


That Exhibition Crusted Port is such good value!


This was such a fabulous tasting! I learned an awful lot from Jo Locke’s comments and tried some truly outstanding wines. I can see that it must have been very demanding for you, Tim, to decant and serve these wines! So thank you for that.

The highlight for me were the Vintage Ports. We had the Exhibition 1985 (54,-), Taylor’s 1985 (75,-), Graham’s 1977 (NA) and Fonseca 1963 (NA). The Fonseca for me was the star of the evening, one of those once-in-a-lifetime wine experiences. It was so smooth and complex that I would not be able to get even close to capturing it in words in my mother tongue, and won’t try in English. I also liked the Taylor’s 1985 very much and preferred it to the Exhibition VP.

The Tawny Ports (Graham’s Tawny Port 20 Years Old & Graham’s Single Harvest Tawny Colheita 1994) were new to me in their more oxidated style. I was very impressed by the 20 Year Old Tawny (37,-) and thought it stood up well to the Colheita although the latter is three times the price.

Many in the room felt that the Exhibition Crusted Port 2008 is amazing value at 14,-. I agree, but actually preferred the Warre’s LBV 2000 (23,-) which seemed a bit fuller and richer to me.

Finally, I loved the White Port & Tonic Aperitivo served with ice and a bit of Rosemary and made with Niepoort Dry White Port. I will definitely keep that in mind for next summer.

It was a really memorable evening. Thanks to the TWS staff for putting it together!


Is that back in stock (soon)? That’s a great wine.


I believe Jo Locke said it would be back in stock before Christmas. I hope I am not confusing it with one of the others.


As a non-native English speaker myself, I’m always curious about other people’s mother tongue… would you mind me asking- what is your mother tongue?..

Was it this one:

If so, this is one awesome White Port! :heart_eyes: It’s our current top favourite. So much complexity on the nose and on the palate! We drink it neat, though. Any other way is gilding the lily in my humble opinion…

Great notes - thanks for sharing. Wish I were there! :grin::ok_hand:


It was indeed the White Rabbit. Coming to the list shortly.

@szaki1974 yep, the Warres 2000 should be featuring in the Christmas list.


Yippee!!! My husband will love me (and you, by proxy!) :smiley:


Not at all Inbar! I’m German, born and raised in the Mosel valley. In fact I spent a significant part of my childhood hoping up and down my uncle’s vineyards. Unfortunately, he sold them in the 80s. Your question reminds me of the Introduce Yourself blob I’ve been meaning to write for some time…


Ah! Lucky you! :grin: sounds a great place to grow up in…!
I am an unabashed Germanophile - I love the country, the people , the language and the wines!! :+1:
Would be lovely to read more about you in the ‘Introduce yourself’ thread :grinning:


Thanks, Inbar! The Mosel valley is indeed a beautiful part of the world. Particularly, at this time of the year!