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Port as a gift for the kids when

they hit the ripe old age of 18.

I’d like to purchase a bottle from the year they were born to give them when they turn 18.

Would prefer Port as it should age past then - but open to wine suggestions as well.

Any recommendations and places to purchase would be gratefully received.

2012, 2014 and 2018

Many thanks in advance


This won’t be so easy. Not every vintage is declared for Port and 2012 and 2014 were not (at least widely) declared. Some Port houses do declare at least specific vineyards in years even when it’s not widely declared vintage (e.g. Quinta do Noval), but they’re also pretty eye watering price wise.

A quick search on Vineyards Portugal has 20 hits for 2012, 18 for 2014 and 33 for 2018. I’ve not used Vineyards Portugal post Brexit (but some others here have, and @Leah recommended trying https://www.vinha.co.uk/ as a better alternative).


I don’t think many 18 year olds are interested in drinking port - or is that part of a cunning plan?:wink:

Single Quinta is likely to be the best bet, especially for the first two years. At the tasting the other day we had a Quinta de Vargellas 2001 (no price, not for sale) which had drink date until 2030.



They have a big selection including 2012, 2014 and 2018. :dragon:
Otherwise try:


Any dated port (excepting LBVs and even they will sometimes make it) will be drinkable until it is 18. Most vintage port will live past fifty although there is often a debate about how long it improves for rather than merely continues.

It used to be difficult to get some years of port with a vintage date on the bottle (step forward 1993) but partly because it is a popular anniversary wine port is now produced in all years, although it is sometimes called ‘single Quinta’ port. But this is basically indistinguishable from vintage port.

I would steer clear of dated tawnies if you want to keep them as they seem to me at least to be best newly bottled, straight out of the barrel. They get a bit bland from long bottling.

How about magnums of champagne? There are some beautiful 2012s about.


I’ll risk being the complete scrooge… but I think it’s a lovely idea, that’s unlikely to work well…

First, you have to have somewhere suitable to store it, and where it’s not in the way or won’t get mistreated for 18 years or whatever. If your home has a cellar and you’re not moving, great. Otherwise…

Second, what if the kids either a) don’t like it, or b) don’t really appreciate it at age 18? I think few 18 year olds really appreciate fine wine. I’d have thought 25 a better age, though of course depending on the person concerned.

If it’s one bottle, what if it’s corked?

I think a better idea would be to buy some good Bordeaux or Rhone from 2015/2016, get a six-bottle case and put it in Members’ Reserves (paid by direct debit), and then when they’re 18, again at 21, etc, and open each bottle and enjoy in their company. And unless you really like port, on this basis don’t choose port for the wine.

A stored mixed case would also be an option.

I realise, though, that this isn’t what you’re asking for. But this topic is a wine bulletin board perennial - and please excuse any brevity looking curt.

I bought a bunch of wines with son’s birth year vintage - a super year in Bordeaux and the S Rhone. And look forward to enjoying them - with him if he wants or with my wife to toast our love for him if not!


Some sage advice folks

Much to consider - many thanks…

Technically they are VPs - they are declared and approved in the same way. But by VP we usually mean a Port that is the shippers best blend from a number of quintas.

And the best vintages are when most shippers declare those top blended VPs. It seems none of your years are those “best vintages”. Don’t let that in itself put you off - single quinta wines are often very good - but my immediate thoughts were along the same lines as @GuidoD.

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It’s a lovely idea. Agree that more than a bottle would make sense - perhaps a case of 6 if you can run to it.

My (late) father bought me a case of port when I was born - I still have a few bottles (3 or 4 I think) and will very occasionally open one. I’m 41.

When my son was born - 2012 like one of the OP’s children - I bought Noval (as they declared but none of the “big” names did, and also because I have a soft spot for it) and Croft Quinta da Roeda - a so-called single Quinta port which at the time was cheap as chips (£65 for 6 or something silly like that), and also the port that my father bought for me so it seemed like a nice symmetry. But 2012 generally is not easy. I also bought some Montebello and a bunch of champagne.