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Poll: Wine recommendations on Facebook


One bit of feedback we’ve had about the Community so far is that it is an excellent source of ideas and recommendations for wines to try … there are plenty of mentions of “just added to the wish list” here to prove that.

It made me wonder whether this is something special about the Community or whether we like to share, and accept, recommendations in other places too.

There are just too many options to explore easily here, but as Facebook seems to be quite popular, I thought I’d ask about this first, to see if you felt there was a big difference between this place and that?

Which of the following statements (tick all that apply) would be true for you?

  • I have shared a recommendation of my own on Facebook
  • I have shared someone else’s recommendation (e.g. from The Society Page)
  • I have bought a wine a friend has recommended on Facebook
  • I have bought a wine a page has recommended/promoted on Facebook
  • I have never knowingly shared or followed a Facebook recommendation
  • I am not on Facebook

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I’d be interested to see the results or to hear your thoughts and comments on this


Facebook is a very different platform to here and it greatly depends on who the recommendation comes from. Would I take a recommendation on a bottle of wine from a friends friend ? Probably not, as I don’t know whether they have any credible wine knowledge or how developed their palate is. That’s not to sound like a wine snob, its just to ensure my “wine” budget is spent wisely.
I would only take an FB recommendation from a trusted retailer with a decent reputation for wine or a friend who I know drinks quality wines.


A very interesting range of replies so far - particularly the fact that 66% (so far) are either not on Facebook (that apparently has 44 million users, or 66% of the population, in the UK), or have never knowingly shared or reacted to a link.

I completely agree, and that is what I find fascinating about this place, because I have often been asked why bother to build this when “there is already stuff out there [like Facebook, twitter, etc.]?”.

I see that there are great benefits to social media, particularly in reaching friends but also ‘friends of friends’ with ideas and messages, but when it comes to influence (i.e. sharing stuff that makes you pay attention and DO something such as choose one wine over another), it is important to do this in an environment of trust, and that is what I hope we have here, and something I’m pretty sure those other places do not have (in general).




Hi Robert,

I think the other key factor that differentiates this from the likes of Facebook is the signal to noise ratio. I visit this community because I know it’s almost exclusively going to be discussing something I’m interested and passionate about… wine. Whereas Facebook and other social media seems so diverse, to the point I see little value. Like wading through tranches of pictures of peoples’ cats to find the one post about wine!