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Poll: Turning to the Dark Side


There are some things in life that divide one group of perfectly rational people from another such group, but where the two simply cannot agree with each other (“it’s them, not us!”).

Of course I’m thinking of the taste of Marmite, Laphroig or tripe, or maybe the music of Barry Manilow, Ludovico Einaudi or Iron Witch.

We may never get everyone to agree, but it occurred to me that there might be a link between a few of them, … and not only because I think Einaudi’s music is tripe (personal opinion, does not reflect the views of The Society)!

How do you feel about DARK chocolate? And what about TANNIC red wine?

I suspect that there is a correlation between the enjoyment of these two things, not because they go together, but because the enjoyment of the taste of either is probably an indicator of enjoying the other, and vice-versa.

  • I :skull_crossbones: BOTH really dark chocolate and overtly tannic red wines
  • I :heart: really dark chocolate but :skull_crossbones:overtly tannic red wines
  • I :skull_crossbones:really dark chocolate and :heart: overtly tannic red wines
  • I :heart: BOTH really dark chocolate and overtly tannic red wines

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A yes to all of these!


It is also a commandable food pairing.


So I gather, but while I enjoy both separately, I have yet to experience the joy that some claim at the combination. One day I shall try again, properly, to see if I am convinced.

However, I would like to explore if there is a link between the two on a preference level first - after all if you don’t like either (or both), you are unlikely to enjoy the pairing … but maybe I’m wrong.


Love / hate is too binary for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Since I moved to a hot country, I find my craving for dark chocolate has increased but I can’t bear heavy tannins - so either I’m an irrational mess or your theory is busted


62% doesn’t lie!



Hm I start to doubt my answer now. If I’m eating chocolate, there is a high probability it is dark. As for wine, I don’t hate overtly tannic reds… It is a rare wine indeed that I hate… However… Given the choice of a light red or big red, my preference in general is for a lighter one. I love a Chianti for instance, but if you look at my order history you’ll see more Rufina than Classico…