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Poll: Taking the pulse - your feedback appreciated


As we have been testing the site for some weeks now I’d be very interested to get your feedback on the site so far.

How close to the final product do you think we are?

Would you like to see the full membership invited to take part?

This question relates ONLY to the community itself. We are conscious that not having a button on the main Society site makes it harder to jump back, but that will be added when we go ‘live’.

This is just a quick poll (names will not be revealed), but do feel free to give more detailed feedback in the thread below with any comments you would like to raise.

In general, how satisfied are you with The Society’s Community as you have experienced it so far?

  • Very Satisfied: this is just what The Society needs
  • Satisfied: this is interesting, and will be helpful, but could be developed further (please elaborate)
  • Reasonably happy: this might be interesting for some, but I am not sure about it (please elaborate)
  • Dissatisfied: this site has flaws that will limit its success (please elaborate)
  • Other: please tell us more below

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Wow! You are either very kind, or it is only my colleagues here voting [who, to be fair, are members in their own right, and perfectly entitled to their views so I will not be chasing anyone done in the lunch room]

Do feel free to also give feedback and ideas even if you are enjoying the site.


So my straight up, no punches pulled view on this is… it feels dated.

I used a lot of messageboards through the 90s and 00s, but they were replaced by social media in a big way. Most, if not all of the messageboards - even comment sections of the blogs I read have died a death. I find myself dipping in here, usually only if I get a weekly overview that reminds me. It’s hard to see regular engagement because I have what I need from the SM team at TWS via Twitter and Instagram.

I may not be the average user in that view. You will see me on here, but only ever passing.


Thanks for the honesty.

I understand your view. I am a committed social media user myself, but what we want to achieve here is different to what those ‘social media’ platforms offer.

Twitter and Instagram are great for pushing certain content from our channels so that members, and hopefully potential members, can see and interact with it if they happen to be signed up. There might also be some chance for a discussion, but that is very hard to do in both instances. It is particularly difficult when two members wish to talk to each other rather than with The Society.

What The Society needed was a place where members could talk to each other, and also where this was not restricted to those who happened to be on a particular platform. In many cases, organisations use Facebook for this, but that does not suit all members.

When we read feedback from members, what jumps out very clearly is that members really want to hear the views of other members. We already have the reviews section, and this has been recently been upgraded with the ratings option (more on that soon). The Community is a place where that conversation can move away from just being about individual wines, and cover many more relevant topics. In addition, there is a chance to discuss The Society itself with other members, since this is YOUR Society after all.

We do hope that this site will be much more than the old bulletin boards of decades past, and that we can create a regular exchange of views between members. However, we do intend to continue interacting on social media as well, so you will still be hearing from us, but now you know you have a place to come to tell us what you think.




Thanks for that. I did want to make sure it was a personal view rather than damning the effort. I am surprised there isn’t more user engagement on twitter, coordinated via the helpful tweets the team put up, but I guess it can be a challenge in the constraints.

Facebook is dead to me after I realised half my family held differing views to me (they drink cheap Australian wine ;))


Not a problem. Addressing issues is more valuable than just another pat on the back.

Engagement on Twitter (overall) has been dying for some time. It is great for links, likes and shares, but not conversations. It is simply too hard to follow.

Instagram is somewhat similar, but a different audience and better photos. Facebook is better in many ways, but is a restrictive network with awful searching and impossible to export useful information, so members would find it impossible to find relevant content to them (that is why businesses need to pay FB to promote all their content).

Finally, all of those are really built around the model of who you follow, while we want it to be about the group, and the content itself.

In short, there is a need for a new kind of space, and that is what we are building.


Of course the poll is not going to be scientifically accurate, but I hope it is a prompt for us to be able to address any issues you have, or to make plans for the launch.

If you have concerns (you are not alone), then I would REALLY like to know your thoughts. You do not have to post them publicly, you can contact me privately via Private Message or by email (via: community@thewinesociety.com). I am very open to your thoughts and will do my best to address them and to take them on board.

This is your Society and your community, so it is important to me to make this something that as many members as possible will enjoy.



I put “Satisfied” because my position (about everything human) is always “there’s always room for improvement”. Emotionally, I’m in the “Very satisfied” camp, but intellectually/critically, I’m a notch or two below that. I did have some comments - I think I sent you a load of private messages in the first few days I was using it. I’ll have a dig around to see if I have anything more to add. Maybe one thing that occurs to me now, which ultimately is related to my interest in virtual communities being rooted in the real world, is that people should perhaps have the option of indicating their location/postcode in their profiles, and for that to be displayed alongside their IDs (again optionally of course). This would rapidly have the effect of people seeing how far other members are and… imagine being able to search by region/town/postcode! You could make real-world friends, arrange to meet other members, etc. I love this idea.

In general, I think that:

  • There is absolutely a specific need for this community, independently of all other channels or spaces or media
  • This could (and perhaps should) become the primary vehicle for members to get to know each other
  • This (and the Society) has enough differentiators to be able to flourish alongside other wine communities that no doubt many members already belong to

So basically I can’t wait for it to be launched!


that option exist, though it is just a text field so people can add whatever they want. I am hoping that this becomes used to be “as specific as relevant” so local members can find each other. A postcode might be too specific, but saying “Stevenage” or “Herts” might be enough for people to locate a neighbour


Well I mean the first part of the postcode, which is all you need to know. But yes, “Stevenage” is good, yes.


For me it is a question of finding it hard to get relevant topics quickly. It would be great if it could highlight comments from members who have bought similar wines, or have some other way of bringing more relevant discussions to the top.
Already there are a lot of discussions and it’s hard to focus on the ones of more interest to me.
Appreciate you aren’t going to appeal to everyone all of the time, so this might be more a reflection of what I’d like than what the wider membership wants.


that is a very good idea. I’m not quite sure how I would achieve it, but I will most certainly look into it.

I have been wondering whether there might be some cool tool (or Artificial Intelligence) that could analyse our individual buying history in ‘My Wines’ and create a profile for us, and so we could then find like-minded (or like-drinking) others … hmmm … let’s see

Great idea.

In the interim, we have not yet posted enough about the wines we enjoy, but you could try searching. The function is pretty powerful and could highlight interesting threads. You can also start your own thread about something you happen to like and you can then meet others who would chip in

thanks for the post


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