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Poll: Looking back in wonder ... at your account


Without checking first … here is a poll in two parts to explore how well we know ourselves when it comes to wine buying (this will be anonymous, for obvious reasons):

Question 1: How many orders would you estimate that you have placed with the Society since you joined?

  • 0 - 10
  • 11 - 20
  • 21 - 30
  • 31 - 50
  • 51 - 75
  • 76 - 100
  • 101 - 125
  • 126 - 150
  • 150+

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Question 2: How accurate (or wrong were you)?

Instructions to find your correct answer by clicking below (if you need them):

To see your list of orders, log into the Society’s site, then click on “My Account”, then on the “View Order History” button. This will show a list of all your account transactions, and at the top will be a number - ‘[x] found’ which will be your total number of orders

  • Spot on (yay!)
  • Close, but I underestimated (oops!)
  • Close, but I overestimated (wow!)
  • Way out - (erm … but in consolation, I’ve helped to support The Society and other members, so ‘you’re welcome!’)

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Shocked to find out that I’ve placed 80 more orders than I’d estimated. Perhaps my account has been hacked. Yes, that must be it :flushed:


Lol … Yes, I’d placed many more than I realised too.


Order history only shows orders since 2009. I estimated >150 and the account shows 130 since 2009. I’ve been a member since the late '70s so I think my estimate was correct!


That sounds like a safe assumption. My cellartracker is up to date to the bottle, so was always going to get this right.


The Wine Soc’s memory is clearly worse than mine as it can’t recall any orders before 2008.


Great poll - very sobering (so to speak)


Only 2 out…but took me one bracket higher. In defence, I reckon about 20 of them were either gifts or ordering wine for my cricket club dinners…


It is a really interesting spread of number of orders.

I hope it shows we have a variety of members participating here - from the very new to the very old … established - and there’s so much to learn from each other.


I guessed 30… It was actually 180… Seems I forgot about purchases in the showroom not just ones made online! Seeing as I’ve worked at The Society for approximately 5 years that’s a purchase every 10 days! Tbh I’m surprised it isn’t more.


how can out of 34 voters one answer get 18% and another answer get 17%


your vote must count extra :slight_smile:


Indeed a very sobering experience…I was woefully underestimating my orders.


Spot on …just goes to show excellent wine is good for the memory…now what was the question ?


the poll only went up to 150, so at 248 I was well under


Wow! What I didn’t take into consideration when asking this was that this only reflected order data since the system was updated, so only back to 2009 … so that number is even more impressive


the first order showing up is 08/09/1998 nearly 20 years ago. So a case a month…but clearly we have a lot of parties!


I estimated 150+ and there were 162, but as someone noted, that only includes orders recently recorded on the web-site. Older members have been ordering for longer :slight_smile:

Also, I am lucky to live close enough to Stevenage to pick up my orders and invariably I find some tempting wines on the bin ends shelves and buying them counts as a separate order, even if its only one bottle.

So number of orders doesn’t give a measure of how much wine they cover. But my buying continues to outstrip consumption.

(said as I’m about to enter 8 more wines got today in cellartracker)


about 50% more than I guessed - gulp…


We joined in 1993. First order on the system from 1998 and here it is

And still loving the Soc’s Fino after all this time.