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Poll: How often do you have a drink?

Rather than bury this in a thread about fitness, I thought that maybe this deserved its own thread.

The poll is anonymous, so don’t be shy, but it might be interesting to know how regularly the members of this community actually open different wines (or other drinks) - and how you feel about this.

DONE! (you can do these too - instructions here)

How many nights a week do you normally drink (at least a glass)?
(another anonymous poll - probably best)

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My husband, who was a single man every-night-is-drinking-night person when I met him, managed to cut his consumption over the past 10 years to 3 or sometimes 4 nights. I remain at 3 nights a week, unless it’s a special week- Christmas, birthdays etc. It used to be easy to decide on drinking days, as we avoided drinking when my daughter was with us, and was young. I come from a non-drinking culture (or at least, it used to be)- so we never saw our elders drink, let alone drunk and so I wanted to continue this with my daughter. Now she’s a teenager it makes less sense, but we still prefer to drink when she’s not here. So for us, it’s Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sunday - and we always try to do a mindful tasting, however quick, and rate the wine before we launch into wine + food, which is my favourite combination… :slight_smile: