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Poll: Discovering new wines


I’ve mentioned before that one of the aspects of the community that I am most excited about, not just as the Community Manager, but as a wine-drinking member, is the opportunity to discover new wines that are more enjoyable because they are recommended by you.

I know that I personally have already bought several cases of wines because of your suggestions and experience, and many of them have been really great, but I wondered how you felt.

Would you say that you have bought more, or different wines because of conversations on these pages? Have you had a decent ‘hit rate’?

This is not scientific research but I hope we can start a conversation about whether you feel that you are discovering new, and interesting wines here, or if there is more we can do to make this happen.

(Note: This poll is not anonymous)

  • No, I am more or less buying the same I was before joining
  • Yes, but only occasionally - I may have replaced some usual wines with new suggestions
  • Yes, I’ve bought (or reserved) wines I would otherwise not have known about

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If you have any further thoughts, comments or suggestions, please do let me know