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Polishing wine glasses


I have a reasonable selection of wine glasses of varying shapes and sizes for reds, whites and sparkling wines. (although having just read the Stemware topic I may also invest in some new Zalto glasses). The problem that I have is that we live in a hard water area and I can never get my glasses to look anywhere near as good as those that you will find in a good restaurant. Has anyone got any tips or know of a good product to make my glasses sparkle?


You best friend is… vinegar, despite all the hype from the commercial products that they give ‘sparkling clean’ results. If the limescale stains are heavy you will need to invest a bit more of your time and have a personal moment with your glassware. Put some toothpaste on a wet kitchen towel and clean them by hand. Then wash and rinse thoroughly. Requires a bit of patience but it’s worth it.

If the limescale is not too heavy but still enough to annoy you, just warm up some vinegar (lukewarm only, do not overheat or boil) and damp a towel with it.

Personally, I usually clean my glassware by hand using only hot water every after use, then dry them clean with a kitchen towel (invest on some quality ones that do not leave lint behind).

For a more thorough way of cleaning your glasses. Put boiling hot water in a jug and add a tablespoon of vinegar. Hold your glass at the top of the jug so they steam up completely, one after the other. Then polish them with a decent cloth. My glasses are all gleaming clean even after many years of use. Just requires a few minutes of your time.


Microfibre cloths work well to finish and shine.


I’m lucky I stick mine in the dishwasher and they come out fine.
You could try soaking in Steradent - that what I was advised to get my decanters clean!