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Please verify that you wrote this review by clicking on the link below

Just had three emails from TWS asking me to do the above. All champagne, none of them recent. Never had to do this before.

Email generated by yotpo.com. Is this linked to the new site and the removal of member reviews?

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This is SPAM. I got the same.

Be alert, everyone and DO NOT click on links.

May be worth TWS sending out/publishing a warning to members?

Also got a similar email which looks like SPAM / SCAM to me.
I did not click on ‘confirm email address’ but when I clicked on the wine I reviewed, it did not connect to the wine but a TWS (?) page which did not recognise the wine although that wine is still available on the genuine TWS website.

BEWARE if you receive a similar email.

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I’ve just had one of those too. Is there a place to report these? It’s phishing.

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Maybe @laura can help

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How did they get our email addresses?

I’d say this is a fairly urgent data protection question.

Hoping it’s actually from TWS and not a case of data leak associating review IDs with email addresses.

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I had one too. I never reviewed the wine mentioned. You can forward them to phishing@gov.uk where they can do something about them I think.

Well, I’ve just had one this minute

Its NOT from TWS, its from yotpo pretending to be TWS.

Its an obvious and not convincing scam.

Why would TWS need one to confirm one’s email address when they already have it, and only members can post review?

I have today received this
Hi Mr S.,

Thank you for reviewing Ch?teau Dutruch Grand Poujeaux Moulis-en-M?doc 2015 in our store.

Please verify that you wrote this review by clicking on the link below.

We will not show your email address. We ask that you verify the review so that our customers know to trust it.

I sent it to report@phishing.gov.uk

Phishing: how to report to the NCSC

I’ve sent mine (see above) to phishing@gov.uk and also emailed the WS using the online enquiry form about it. I think TWS should issue a warning.

I had one and it actually referred to a wine I had reviewed? how come…

A second email referring to another wine that I reviewed after the September 2019 press tasting

This is a strange one as the company if you Google on a private window come up as a bona fide review platform, not only did they have my email, a wine I had reviewed but also the correct first letter of my surname, they must have access to information on the TWS site for all that, phishing is just that a computerised scan.

Me too.
I got 4.
Forwarded them to member services after contacting WS HQ. :dragon:

On the website sneak peak call yesterday it was mentioned that TWS have integrated a third party review platform into the new site. No names but my guess now is yotpo, and as part of the webdev prep something has gone a bit wrong and all these emails are spilling out. Someone is having a bad day.


They insert hidden code into valid pages on legitimate websites and even insert complete pages into legitimate websites. We had this done to our site once and it took some work to clean all the code out and put new access logins in place. A right royal pain!


I just had an apologetic email from Member Services in response to my query to say it was an error caused by something they are working up and not to worry! There is no data breach. They are drafting an email to members.


We can all be clever with hindsight, I did not click but it still looked to good to be scam, though into the scam box it went.
The trouble today as Mike says is they are getting very good at scamming, the bloody phone since we moved has endless requests etc to click on this that the other and I have TPS which previously worked well and am ex directory, the whole thing is a pain.

Yes, Scamazon is my pet hate on the phone!

TWS are on the case

We’re contacting you as you may have received one or multiple emails from Yotpo. If so, please accept our apologies. There has been an error while we were trying to integrate a new online review system, but unfortunately the system inadvertently picked up a record of reviews that you’ve previously submitted.

We understand that this may well have looked suspicious, and so would like to reassure you that there has been no data breach of any kind and your details are secure. If you have filled out the request from this email, then the data will only be within our systems.

Thank you for your understanding and once again, we apologise for any inconvenience or alarm.

Yours sincerely,

Isobel Cooper
Member Services Manager

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