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Please help?

I have 3 “single” bottles of Domaine Leflaive Burgundy in reserves.
They were allocated as single bottles in EP Offers and are bonded.
If I withdraw all 3 at the same time, do I have to find 9 bottles of the same wine to make up the dozen to complete the 12 bottle case rule?
What if I had 4 “single” bottles in reserves, and nothing else! :open_mouth:
What withdrawal rules apply?? :cry: :thinking:
Help, please??

You should be able to withdraw them one bottle at a time with no other bottles necessary to be added, as they were sold and put to reserves as single bottle( case)s. You can only do it by calling or emailing member services.


I second this - it happened to me earlier this year. You can withdraw from reserves in the same way the wines went in. It’s just a limit of the website that you have to contact member services to do this …



Thank you both, much appreciated!! :grinning: :+1: :dragon:

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