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PLEASE HELP! trying to buy whiskey!

Hi All

TWS have put a STOP on my account. They emailed me on the 6th to saying there were going this as post had been returned. I’ve moved and just had forgot make my new address the main address but had been receiving deliveries here.

I promptly went and updated in on the site as the email requested and thought nothing more of it until this evening. I’m desperate to buy the special release whiskey and I can’t but anything!

Obviously no is there now to help and I’m concerned it’s going to sell out and I’ll have a very grumpy partner!

Does anyone have any idea if there is anything I can do tonight to get the stop removed?

I’ve already bought one case, otherwise I’d be happy to do so again and you could do a BACS transfer while I asked Member Services to send to your reserves or get it delivered to you directly. Was it one bottle or more?

Still in stock as of 08:35 Saturday. I suggest you phone them today.