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Play winemaker on your computer

Someone’s made a computer game

Unfortunately not available on my platform or I might be tempted. I’m not a gamer in the least but I think this could be an interesting distraction.


Are you on Apple?

Not much of a gamer myself but it looks quite fun. Here is the trailer if anyone is interested:

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Naw, Chromebook

Gave this a go. Lovely graphics but the story is a bit trite for my liking.

Little in the way of a proper tutorial but simple mechanics so fairly easy to get to grips with. The dialogues were long and tedious leaving me to skip through most of them after the first 30 odd minutes of gameplay.

I have a decent laptop (this game is not currently supported by GeForce Now which I use to stream Steam games), but the mechanics were a bit laggy and clunky. dropping task blocks into the grid was a nice design but the clunkiness lets it down.

I played on steam and ordered a refund after ~90 mins gameplay. Interesting but not worth the £17 price tag in my opinion.


Excellent review!