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Platinum Jubilee weekend drinking thread [2-5 June 2022]

These two to start the weekend. An “old” friend and something new. Both great.


Last night started with a pint of this:

Solstice ale from the Three Tuns in Bishops Castle, Shropshire (actually drank in the Castle Hotel over the road). Lovely super-fresh pint.

Then a glass of this:

Domaine Bouchié-Chatellier Pouilly-Fumé La Renardière 2020. It had been open at least a day and was very pleasant - at the fuller end of Loire SB, but still fresh and with a nice honeyed aspect.

Thanks @szaki1974 for sorting out the thread.


I don’t usually let the weather determine my drink, but we decided it was a Society’s Rosé kind of day today:

Can’t fault it.


Cheeky Rosé milkshake in the offing there?


Ooh yes, but not till later this evening, otherwise the kids will want some :+1:


I was thinking so you didn’t leave the kids out :sunglasses:


Hmmm, I guess it might help them sleep :thinking:


Donnhof Hollenpfad dry riesling 2017 at the cricket today. I’d left just before this evening’s debacle.

Second of six. The first, a few months ago, was really dry and austere, now seems to be opening up but will leave the rest probably until next year. The riesling flavour was more evident later, not sure if this was because it had been open for a while, or as it lost its chill.


Painted Wolf ‘Lycaon’ Old Vine Chenin Blanc, Wellington 2019

What to say but this is just great. A full-on version of Chenin B that delivers in spades. Golden yellow with a ripe fruit and yeasty nose and palate. Med+ body but loads of acidity to carry the weight and a really long finish.

An absolute bargain, a wine with everything but nothing overdone. Currently OOS but needs to be brought back.

Happy weekend all!!!


Left early…at the prices Lord’s are charging?!

I say this as someone who’s sat through 3 overseas batting collapses from England since 2019. I’m a glutton for punishment.


As most of you know I’m not a big white or rose drinker but this afternoon I did enjoy sitting in the garden with a couple of chilled glasses of Côtes de Provence Rosé, Château de Galoupet Cru Classé 2019. And very nice it was too, though I don’t really have the vocabulary for describing these paler version of proper wine :wink: :rofl:


Fortunately (in that respect anyway) I’m a member. But if I’d paid for a ticket I might well be miffed that about 12 overs were left unbowled today.

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I bought this sparkling wine direct from Burn Valley in Norfolk along with a selection of their wines. This is made with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir - a light, fresh sparkling wine.

Pale gold. Fine mousse. Medium minus nose. Red apple. Lemon. Light palate. Fresh acidity. Dry. Green apple. This is a light, fresh sparkling wine but perhaps suffers from a lack of bottle age.


Waitrose rose NV champagne. Half bottle £12.99 on offer.

Tried as an experiment to see if it can be incorporated into the rotation. Probably not. Not faulty but rather nondescript, bland, which is pretty unforgivable in a champagne. It also has the feeling of a house with a peculiar extension, there are two halves that don’t quite fit together.


@robertd - I really enjoyed your post and reading about the producers you visited yesterday and your notes on the wines you tasted. I just wish I had a printer as I’d store them in a clip file along with the notes from your previous visits ! :+1:

@gabehiggins - thankfully I wasn’t drinking when your nom de plume popped up in my inbox :laughing: !

I knocked up a variation on crab linguine from ingredients that needed using up in the fridge and store cupboard for an evening meal tonight. To go with it, this…

…a Riesling Trocken 2019 from Schloss Lieser ( £11.50 ). For an entry level dry wine it’s impressive stuff.

I can’t argue with the brief tasting note on the rear label, if I’m correct and which my sketchy German is mostly limited to, finesse, fine spice and a distinctive slate-y minerality. I can’t help myself from adding, citrus, ripe apples and yellow plums, beautifully fresh acid balance with lovely purity and depth of flavour, to that too.


2010 Cantina del Pino Barbaresco, 14%

Everything you could want out of an aged Nebb.
Drinking superbly with a few hours air time.


A very competent Bordeaux. I’m slightly disaffected with the style recently. Just not something that I’m finding myself reaching for. No 2021 EP purchases for me. However, I’m sure I’ll be back at some point. A good steak works really well with this style.

More recently for me burgundy and new world pinot noir has dominated.

Off to Bologna and Florence next week so Italy back on the cards too.

This is a great Bordeaux example though. Dark fruits, inviting nose, pencil shavings

Happy long weekend all!


Some half term week drinkers…

The amontillado (from TWS) is excellent - so much enjoyment for a tenner.

I picked the Rioja up on impulse in Sainsbury’s, hoping that £9 for a 10-y-o GR might prove a bit of a bargain. As it happens it’s probably not worth a lot more. It’s a little thin and short compared to its more illustrious counterparts but perfectly drinkable nonetheless.

The Chablis is really enjoyable - stony, green apples, lemons and with some more tropical fruit flavours peeking through as it warms a wee bit in the glass.

But all are easily outshone by the Languedoc 2016 red. I bought a couple of these from a very friendly cave coop near Pezenas in late 2018 and it’s drinking beautifully now. A brilliant example of an expertly-made syrah-grenache blend with both in absolute harmony. A really classy bottle which tastes significantly more expensive than the €12 I think I paid.


I agree regarding the Carlos Serres but with 25% off 6 it’s good value and Ive found it improves a lot with air so decant a few hours in advance.



Last night after a day of shopping and dog walking…

Very well made, led by some Cabernet Sauvignon fruit, supported by Grenache, Merlot, Syrah, Samso and Cab Franc and noticeable oaky flavours . Very good wine at sub £20, Not what I normally would drink but worked with moussaka.

Today is 6 months since my partner Katie passed away. Its been tough, but this community has been one of the many things that’s helped to keep me going,