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Planeta Burdese 2007 (Sicily) - what should I serve it with?


Excellent. So I have this bottle of Planeta Burdese 2007 that my brother gave me. He is visiting soon and thought it would be nice to open it while he is here. What should I serve it with? I thought perhaps caponata, then finish off with cheese. Any advice?

Hello! :) Introduce yourself

The winery’s own website suggests the following:

“A wine with attitude, decisive and energetic enough to be enjoyed on its own or matched with something just as strong and full of character such as casseroles or game. For a vegetarian alternative, try grilled radicchio with mature cheese or almost caramelised roast onions.”

It also says that it is intended for 10-12 years of cellaring… so better drink up :slight_smile:


The website says it’s a cab sauv/cab franc blend (I think?) so how about something earthy and meaty like beef stroganoff with mushrooms or a hearty beef wellington? :heart_eyes:


Yes, very interesting how the name Burdese translates into of Bordeaux. Intriguing blend from Sicily.


I think what @laura suggested sounds great :+1:, or even in this weather dare I say it … Guinness beef stew ? Possibly also beef ribs might work … let us know what you do serve up :+1:


Bresaola with rocket, Parmesan and a good olive oil followed by T-bone steak or piece of Halibut and your caponata. Would keep it Italian if not Sicilian.