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Places to eat in Hamburg and Bremen

Hello everyone,

We are setting off on our Swedish odyssey on Saturday, and will be stopping in Bremen and Hamburg en route, amongst other places.

If anyone has recommendations for nice places to eat in either or both that’ll be much appreciated. We’re not really interested in fine dining - rather places that capture the local cuisine or German cuisine in general. Somewhere with a good wine list will be a bonus :grinning:

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions :+1: :heartpulse:


Bremen Ratskeller: description from the town tourist site:

Historical restaurant beneath the town hall: 600 years of tradition, 650 German wines, grand hall with ornate wine barrels & columns, vaulted cellar, speciality Bremen fare.

I went some years ago, but unless it has changed I would agree with all of this.


Thank you! Sounds just the ticket! :+1: :grinning:

Assuming you are driving, this place is just 2 mins off the A1 Autobahn south of Bremen J65. Better than your average ‘just off the motorway’ eatery, although very much the German version of a Bistrot / Routier. Good schnitzels.

I stress it isn’t where I would go for an evening out, but just right for a quick lunch whilst ‘on the road’.

Raststätte Jägerheim

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Nope! All by trains :slight_smile:

Sorry, I should have specified :woman_facepalming:

Oh no!

Not exactly your calorie conscious small plate…

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It’s what I love about eating in Germany… even if I have to berate myself later :smiley:

Fischereihafen Hamburg. Not fine dining, but a Hamburg institution right by the harbour and fish market: https://www.fischereihafenrestaurant.de If you want one of the ‘good’ tables with view of the harbour, try to book early.


OK. (generalisation warning) North German cuisine is Fried Potatoes with everything - I ate in Bremen in the fish market area. Rotbarsch (Redfish) is good - but beer is the drink…

I did however have some excellent Spätburgunder while there this summer.


That’s just what we’re after… something of the place and presumably frequented by locals. Thank you! :+1: :grinning:

OK, that’s the husband catered for! :smiley:

And that’s me sorted :wink:

Will keep an eye for the Rotbarsch. We will cook in one of the days, so maybe something to get from the fish market! :thinking:

You’ll have to get up early - the market opens at 5am and it’s all done by 9:30!

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I’ve since read that it’s an endangered species! which might explain why I’ve never seen it on UK fishmonger slabs. Very tasty though :slight_smile:

Maybe go for smoked eel instead?

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I’ll send the other half… :smiley:

Hm… it’s one of the only things I wouldn’t eat… Not sure why!

I have enjoyed meals at Hobenkook in Hafencity. https://hobenkoeoek.de/ . We usually wander past the Oberhafen-Kantine | Sehenswürdigwürdigkeit | HTI on the way.

Agreed re fish market area although would say if you are passing at weekend there will be vans selling fishy nibbles at the market most of the Sat and some into Sunday small hours as the club’s kick out. Sadly my fav old school fish restaurant hadn’t made it through the pandemic when I was there a fortnight ago.

For wurst including curry wurst I recommend Mö-Grill Mönckebergstraße at bottom of lake, perfect standing snack or sitting on steps at end of lake. My sample size is one but there is a strong correlation showing the those that appreciate Harvey’s beer tend to also appreciate a good wurst.

The bar at Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten is a great spot for a snifter after a walk round the lake if u go anticlockwise. Lovely little spot and great hotel, I would recommend the restaurant however is on the fine dining side.

Finally if you are particular about your salads I recommend always asking for dressing on side. I am yet to have a well dressed salad in N.E Germany, always soupy without fail.

Sounds like a real adventure by rail, wonderful.


Ha ha! :joy: :joy:

Although I wouldn’t publish your research yet, if you take my husband into account then you have a strong sample size of two :+1:

I love the sound of the Mö-Grill - perhaps for lunch on our second day! :yum: We’re only in Hamburg for three days before moving on to Malmö, so this will be more of a visit of titillation than anything else.

If you like modern architecture the turning torso block by Calatrava is worth a wander to the regenerated docks in Malmö. Bon voyage.

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If you prefer something older, the original tunnel under the Elbe (your car goes down in the lift) is fun.

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Watch out for the wine price difference ! Malmo isn’t cheap. Not sure if you are a Whisky person, but I discovered that decent Scotch, is cheaper in Germany than Yorkshire - furthermore they seem to still have stock on the shelves of malts which are hard to find here.

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