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Pity the poor Irish

Before Brexit it was possible to order from the WS by the unmixed case. Alas no longer. Does anyone have any idea when normal service may be resumed … if ever.


Hiya Stevie,

Really sorry to hear this. I think this kind of query would be best dealt with by contacting Member Services directly as hopefully they’ll have more information on this.

Best wishes,



North or south? Certainly I had an unmixed order came a fortnight ago to NI. There’s been a month or two just after Christmas that they weren’t delivering to Northern Ireland at all but thankfully that seemed to get sorted


I have been waiting to get a case replaced for the last nine months.
Apparently the problem is inability to find a “Fiscal Representative who is able to help with the ROI Customs side of things including paying the Irish Duties and Taxes on our behalf and the Customs paperwork”.
I have not yet been definitively told it’s all off but I am not optimistic….

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