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Pinot-like Pinotage

I saw this interesting article by Jamie Goode and wondered if anyone had any recommendations for ‘Pinot-like Pinotage’?

I’m not interested in either the blockbuster or the coffee versions.


I can’t help on the wine suggestions (and hope someone can!), but that’s a great article. Thanks for posting.


Well he quotes David & Nadia but neglects to mention that they’ve stopped making their varietal Pinotage and are now putting the grapes into the Elpidios blend instead. It’s a good wine - certainly in 2016 form - if you can find it still but it isn’t really enormously distinct from a lighter cape Cinsault (except it’s more expensive) which I think is why it’s been dropped.


Hi Richard

If you want a wine that tastes like Pinot Noir then one with Pinot Noir on the label is the one to look for. There’s so much variation among PN clones that some don’t taste like PN !

I don’t think that any of the Pinotage wines listed by TWS meet the description of

Then again I don’t think the Pinot Noir descriptor would have been given to any Pinotage if it weren’t for that fact that the parentage of Pinotage was known from the mid 1920’s when other varieties parentage was unknown.

Jamie Goode heartily dislikes Pinotage (WineMag editor Christian Eedes is not a fan either) and he has little experience of so I don’t take his recommendation as to the way forward with any more weight than I would someone who recommends blending in lots of 15% abv Shiraz to Pinot Noir to make it a decent barbecue wine.


Thanks for the reply.

I don’t want a wine that tastes of pinot. I’d like to try a Pinotage (a grape I’ve always disliked) in the style advocated by JG, so was looking for recommendations. The Feniks is on offer here so I may go for that.

Not to speak for JG but he is a very experienced competition judge so I am sure he has tasted plenty of pinotage.

Hi Richard

Had busy day yesterday so didn’t get back to you.

I haven’t encountered Scions of Sion - according to Platter their first bottling was only in 2017.

Platter 2021 gives the Fenik 2019 4.5 stars and says

Pinotage from 1976 dryland bush vines. 19’s lean dryness (just 12% alcohol), 1.6g/L sugar) stony minerality & tannic tug would be austere if not for cushion of sweet brambly fruit - a knife-edge balance that typifies the house style, is very engaging and moreish.

I’d be very interested to learn what you think of it.

I liked it a lot. Much more Pinot than Cinsault. Light, 12%, quite tannic but refreshing, nuanced, red fruits. The Platter review is accurate imo.