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Pinot gris - recommendations please


I’m looking to pick up a birthday present wine for a friend who is a pinot Gris fan but I know nothing about this grape. Can anyone point me to particularly good examples they’ve had from the WS or elsewhere?

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One of my old time favourites is this one:

The Society used to stock it, but can’t see it on the website. Majestic stock it, I think. It’s a spicy example, with the most beautiful floral nose. I had a few of 2014 and 2015, but I suspect the 2016 is great too.
Trimbach do a beautiful one too:

Although there are some interesting examples from NZ and Oregon, for me the best examples come from Alsace. :grin:


I entirely agree - the sweet spot for Pinot Gris is Alsace. Actually, add the Alto Adige PGs to that.

The only thing you’ll need to watch out for beyond that is how dry your wine is (and how that matches your friend’s taste). The Trimbach one mentioned by @Inbar is dry. I can’t remember how dry the Schlumberger one is even though I have had it (oops!).

I don’t want to belittle the examples from elsewhere save only to say that some resemble rather more what you might expect if it were labelled “pinot grigio”. Yes I know it’s the same grape, but different locations produce different wines.


Yes best from Alsace but I’ll still recommend the Greywacke one from NZ!


Agreed! :+1:
Nals Margreid makes beautiful Pinot Grigio in Alto Adige (as well as lovely Pinot Bianco), my favourite of which is Punggl; Majestic also stock a nice example called Stella Alpina.

And this was a very good example of the grape, which I tasted on the Summer Fine Wines tasting on Tuesday:

Still, Alsace is best! :wink:


Zind Humbrecht PG Vieilles Vignes is excellent. His single vineyard ones can be a bit of an acquired taste, very concentrated…


That wine is difficult to source, and the Rangen is expensive though available, I am visiting the Alsace on my way back from the South of France/ Italy next month and will be heading for Leon Beyers place for some PG , the truth is Alsace PG is not that popular here, plenty of riesling but not PG so whatever you find will be limited.
Of others tried Zind Humbrecht do several cuvees all expensive but good as above, Trimbach does some very good upmarket ones like Hommage a Jeanne, Schlumberger , Albert Mann there are many but again not easy to find, good luck it is worth the effort.


The 2015 and 2016 of this were both very good, dryer than most Alsace Pinot Gris, but richer than Italian Pinot Grigio tends to be. Will certainly buy the next vintage when it returns.


I was really impressed at a tasting with New Zealand’s Pinot Gris., the best PG I’ve had

So I’d go with @tom 's suggestion of

or if that price is a bit steep then how about


I don’t know how relevant this observation will be for @Jcbl, but in case this thread gets referred to by others -

It’s worth mentioning that pinot gris can mature wonderfully if you have a wine with enough stuffing to do that. You can probably take it as read that the pricey VT and SGN wines will have that, but so will many quality dry PG’s. (I am referring primarily to Alsace wines here - I have no experience with mature PG’s from elsewhere). They take on a very attractive and beguiling creamy sort of tone. If you come across one somewhere, don’t hesitate to give it a try.


This is cracking and very affordable. Will age well but is delicious now.


Massive thanks to everyone. Will have a browse and maybe get a couple of contrasting styles, given the apparent QPR


Having just finished a bottle of 2014 Greywacke PG I’d have to agree with @tom. One of the more complex new world alternatives.


A little late to the game @Jcbl, but I agree that Alsace provides a wonderful choice of excellent Pinot Gris . My suggestions however, if you would like to look toward the southern hemisphere would be Kooyongs Beurrot Pinot Gris:

Excellent example of a well made PG. It doesn’t have the same mouth coating and sweetness as a Trimbach reserve for example but it is delicious and well worth experimenting with.
Another favourite of mine, which I discovered recently is this :
Maybe try a few yourself and see what you think your friend would like.
Hope these help.


Kooyong from the very nice people at Vin Cognito

My other half loves new world pinot Gris.


I agree it is good, and value for money even better. The top Alsace still edge it for me, but the price is more of an issue there…


@Kent_wino, Your other half has good taste! :wink: