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Pineau Des Charentes


I’ve recently purchased a bottle of Chateau Orignac’s Pineau Des Charentes

primarily because it was name checked in the fabulous ice cream cook(?!)book La Grotta Ices by Kitty Travers but also because a search on this forum revealed it might be a bit of a cult classic.

I have a question for those in the know… is this something that can live in the fridge for a number of weeks (devouring it greedily and quickly not withstanding) and also, what is your favourite way to serve it… with what and at what temperature?

Hope this isn’t too specific a topic!

Thank you!


Served chilled as an aperitif is my favourite. Or after dinner, maybe with fruit or cake. Pineau is one of those guilty pleasures like Floc de Gascogne that I’m sure serious connoisseurs turn their noses up at, but I love it for it’s simple pleasure.

And yes, a few weeks in the fridge I think does no real harm. That lack of seriousness is sometimes of benefit :smiley:


:+1: What @Tannatastic said. I regularly have a bottle open around Christmas time for exactly that reason. Don’t think TWS do one, but look out for red Pineau as well - also good.

Chateau d’Orignac is excellent - enjoy!


Yes you can keep it in the fridge for quite a while.
Also the d’Orignac uses more mature cognac than most pineau so you don’t notice a little bit of oxidation.


Actually I’ve just remembered that I think it goes well with freshly roasted chestnuts (ISTR anyway, any harm in trying?).


I like it chilled on its own, as a digestif. I think of it as autumn in a glass. Survives well in the fridge for a couple weeks (never lasts beyond that!) and as @Tannatastic said - the epitome of a guilty pleasure.


Sits in my fridge for 2-3 weeks quite happily. Drunk as an aperitif.

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I always think of this as a summer-time aperitif but that is partly because of the first time I came across it (which I wrote about in this article). You can find out a little more about it and how we first listed it in this story. After reading everyone’s comments I am now tempted to put in an order for Christmas… you have to have a little treat for yourself right?!


Not surprisingly; the last time I was in the region it was served strictly as an aperitif with salty nibbles, saucisson sec, and Charentes melon. Choice of Red, White or Rose Pineau.

I guess a similar function to a Sherry (Jerez?) as a pick-me-up after a hard day (or morning’s) work well before the main meal. Serve fridge cold.


Pommeau de Normandie is also very nice. Look out for it.

Similar to Pineau de Charentes but made of Calvados cut with apple juice to about 16-18% alcohol. Good ones from Pierre Huet or any number of small artisanal cider producers. I prefer it to Pineau de Charentes as P de C can sometimes be slightly harsh.