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Pimm's and other cocktails

It’s the time of year when our minds might turn to strawberries and Pimm’s.

To make your own Pimm’s all you need is some gin, some orange based liqueur and some red vermouth.

I have omitted quantities because half the fun is experimenting to achieve your own ideal mix of strength and flavour. And it’s possible to make it much more cheaply than buying ready made Pimm’s.


Apparently Aperol spritz is ‘the’ summer drink, which I find bemusing as I can remember it being ‘the’ summer drink around 2013/2014 in Western Europe, and I’m sure it was here the year after?


The most bemusing thing is that it’s horrible. :smiley:

(We were in Venice in 2014 when it was de rigueur, and so obviously asked ‘Whats that?’. One and only time!)


I actually quite like them on a hot day! If I make one at home I use a bit more prosecco and soda rather than the 1:2:3 ratio.

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I am very much white port or Lillet and tonic as my that sort of summer drink.

Usually one part port two parts tonic lots of ice and a spring of mint or rosemary and a slice of lemon. Same ratio with the Lillet but a slice of orange instead.


We did the same in Vienna!

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It took me years to pluck up the courage to buy a bottle of Lillet. It became more feasible post-menopause :rofl:


Bloody Mary. More of a morning cocktail & hangover cure, also a fantastic remedy for jet-lag (have the first glass whilst still on the plane). Actually tastes much better without the vodka.


First time I saw it I wondered why Irn Bru had become so popular in Italy…


Has anyone ever had a Michelada? A recipe appears in the current Waitrose Drinks magazine.

It contains:

Mexican beer
Lime juice (so far so good)
Tomato juice
Worcestershire sauce
Soy sauce

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I have had a few, none to that specification!
Lager, lime, chili salt yes. Also tomato juice and beer is a thing (oooold school American hangover drink from my dad’s day). But no, not whatever this abomination by Waitrose is.

Remember having them on holiday in Mexico years ago. I think they were nicer than they sound!