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Pictures of original wooden cases

Are you broaching 2018s already? Or just putting them at the back of the cellar? (I have 2015s and not sure when to get them from reserves.)

Not for broaching. I took delivery this week, and I’ll bury them at the back of the cellar for at least 8 years.

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Makes sense. I’ll be leaving mine a while too.

Alheit Vineyards “La Colline Vineyard” Semillon. I am already wondering what I should use this for when it’s empty.


A good use of OWC for the local book exchange.


I’ve just put an order in for 4 bottles of this


It’s a wine I’ve only had once before, really enjoyed it and it looks like TWS is, yet again, selling at below market price. Arrives next week and I’m hoping that it will come in this special OWC. The option on the website is by bottle or box of 4 not a box of 6 and I found this for sale at Harvey Nicks via Google (at £129 more than TWS for the 4 bottles)…

Malbec Argentino 2019 - Original Wooden Case of Four - Bodega Catena Zapata



I have one of these in reserves. My understanding was that it comes in OWC, but look forward to your confirmation upon receipt! :pray:

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I tried similar and made the mistake of not lining them first.

Edit: Does this give me enough justification to buy another magnum of Massolino?


More than.


I emailed member services, apparently it comes in the producers OCC not OWC.


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Thanks for letting me know; that’s a shame, but won’t change how it tastes, which is the main draw!

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Indeed, and it’s a great price.

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I have drilled drainage holes in the bottom so that is a weak point. If I only get one season out of it I’ll be happy. It just feels right to recycle and it is just such a good size.

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