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Pictures of original wooden cases

As yes, the ‘universal key’ :smiley:

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That’s another pain. They can’t go in cardboard recycling.

I’ll keep mie to take it back to TWS next time. They stack them by the front door with a charity box for donations when people take them.

Everyone over to your place then for a glass of wine and a game of pool.



they do make good kindling (if you have a fire) but I prefer to re-cycle/use them … I have a few for bits and bobs in the garage, some as ‘book cases’ but a couple of neighbours love them as herb planters

And so I did and here they are (or at least the first two):

No idea what I’m going to do with them yet! Other than just sit and admire them! :rofl::rofl::blush:


My collection of OWC’s is looking OK :blush:


Thats a great set up you’ve got there. Also admiring that Hibiki!

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Unfortunately the Hibiki is nearly finished and almost impossible to get another bottle without a remortgage.

Wish I hadn’t opened it now, would make a few hundred pounds if I were to sell it!

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Unfortunately I’m using a couple of cabinets and the OWC’s are not very space efficient so I have had to ‘decant’ the bottles out of the boxes and into the cabinets. :frowning:

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Yes Japanese whisky prices have gone mental. Just can’t justify buying them any more when you can get as good or better scotch for far less cash. Used to enjoy Hakushu 12, is it worth the £200 or so it costs now? Absolutely not


The hibiki is £560 a bottle on this website! Madness.

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I’m glad I added the space for the OWC’s to the design.

It looked a bit bare for the first couple of years with big empty spaces but now the number of OWC’s has grown and filled most of them. Still room for a few more though!

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Nice to see it with wine in!


So here’s my take on something to do with those OWCs:

Final job is to put some flowers in! These two are my prototype but I’m probably going to make more (with various lengths of legs).

It was pretty easy! The hardest part is manoeuvring the plastic liner into place. And, if you try it, be careful to hold the plastic when drilling the holes in the bottom as it is liable to try wrapping itself around the drill. Longest job was doing the Danish oil and waiting patiently between coats!


Those look awesome, what a great use of empty cases whilst still having them on view. Our OWC’s are simply sat on top of the Utility Room cupboards holding junk…I’ll try to remember to take a photo once they’re not obscured by drying clothes :-):grin:


Spotted this use of OWCs at the RHS Autumn Plant fair at RHS Hyde Hall on Saturday


I’ve just decided to tidy up Little Miss’s shoes in the hallway:


Minor detail but I do love the floor!

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Same floor tiles as my porch … Victorian house by any chance ? :wink::wink:

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Edwardian…built in 1903, I think. I instantly fell in love with the hallway when I viewed it, I’m a sucker for old tat. :laughing:

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