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Pictures of original wooden cases

I said on the EP chat that we should start a new thread with pics of OWC’s and then, as if by magic, a Xmas present lands in my office!

a present?


What kind of “office” do you work in, and what is the originator of this “gift” hoping for in return? Secret codes of some sort?

They make police dramas for less than this!

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Gee Whiz…

I felt lucky to get a calendar…

3 Classed Growth Margaux??? As @robert_mcintosh (almost) says, who do you have to kill?

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This was from my VCP last year.

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Ah now you’re all just showing off!!:persevere::persevere::persevere::wink:


They look great! I should have my first deliveries from the VCP early 2018. Looking forward to it even more now!

This was a slightly biased delivery toward OWC. There are usually one or two in each, I have found. And you should be excited, it’s the two most exciting days of my year. Not joking.

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I’ve kept a few OWCs and use them as storage boxes. This was a case of 6 magnums from last year…had to get rid of this one though as it took up quite a lot of space, but I did keep the lid which splits in half, and once oiled makes a nice cheese board!


Here are mine. We are considering using them to store Christmas decorations instead of the current plastic boxes


Boxes? Yes, I’ve got boxes: here are some of them. Mostly fairly full, except for the HBL in front (and I do have other vintages of that). These are mostly the result of buying en primeur over the years, and now I have a cellar I’ve been able to get rather more delivered!

The two slightly taller boxes are halves of Batailley and d’Angludet; they are labelled on the side of the case, not the end.


:: cue drooling ::


Perhaps for those of us who work for a living… what is an OWC… and what is a VCP. Oh and HBL.

Love you.

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OWC = Original Wooden Case
VCP = Vintage Cellar Plan (more info here: https://www.thewinesociety.com/vintage-cellar-plan-introduction )

I think by HBL he is referring to the open case of Haut Bates Liberal at the front

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Aah, thanks for the translation… my wine from TWS comes in a cardboard box. I’m fairly sure the wine tastes the same though.

TWC = The Wine Society


Indeed, there’s nothing wrong with a cardboard box and I’ve drunk plenty of fine bottles delivered in them, but an OWC does hold the promise of something a little special… and you can sit on them or stack them high unlike OCBs.:sunglasses:


I said the same thing until I opened an OWC for the first time. I’m sure the wine tasted better! :wink:


Ah, there’s a first time for everyone…

PS - I’ve updated the wiki :wine_glass:


Maybe one day I will be able reach this goal.

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waiting on my 2016…

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Anyone know if the La Rioja Alta Seleccion 874 Reserva 2013 comes OWC?