Picking Errors

Hi all,

This isn’t meant to be a moan, but just an expression of my disappointment. It seems to be that I suffer from a number of picking errors - and I don’t know if it’s just me or not?

The case in point today is that I was expecting the Mature Fine Wine Mystery Case of 6 wines that were beyond their drinking dates and instead, managed to receive 12 bottles of clearance reds. I’m sure they are very nice, but I really wanted the mystery case to do a blind tasting with my Dad for my Birthday next week.

Now, this Mature Fine Wine mystery case is out of stock and there’s no hope of a replacement, so it’ll be a refund and a small credit on my account. It goes without incredibly disappointed by this as I was really looking forward to opening a box of mature wines and sampling them. Disappointed and frustrated.

This isn’t the first time - I ordered a case of Austrian fine wine a few months ago and ended up with a vertical of Bordeaux. I’m sure it would have been very nice

I’ve also had several times of either having to return wine as it wasn’t what I ordered, or that the wrong wine turned up.

So, is it just me? Am I really just unlucky? Or does anyone else have this level of issues? And what on earth can TWS do about it if it is a reoccurring error?


It sounds like you are unlucky, but not alone. This thread shows up many similar experiences. You and @Rafa seem to be the most frequent sufferers, as far as I can see.:frowning:

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There should be an honorary title made …

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I have had two picking errors in my last few orders, which is something I have virtually never had before from many many orders. They were sorted, but when my 2016 EP Barolo from Reserves turned into Rioja at under half the cost I wasn’t too impressed.

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This is my fear

Did you get the Barolo in the end?

That feels the same sort of deal as has happened here!

Expecting a nice 6 pack of mature, if not slightly past drinking window, wines.

Get a box of clearance reds.

I’m glad it’s not just me who is suffering from this reoccurring problem. I am deeply disappointed by today’s events and it is good for thought when other traders out there are competing for my custom.

I also think it’s giving me the possibility of moving all my wine out of Member’s Reserves just in case the same thing happens as you alluded to.

I’m not at all impressed by today. I’ve been offered a refund and £10 credit - this was supposed to be a birthday treat for both myself and my Dad next week. Surely these errors should not be occurring with such regularity?

Yes, the Rioja was swapped out for the Barolo no problem. Worrying when it’s Reserves though


On Thursday I was expecting a 2017 case of Pataille Longerois to be delivered from my reserves, I instead received a 2019 Gigondas that I do not own :woman_facepalming:t3:, I am really hoping someone else hasn’t gotten my burgundy . I was also expecting 6 bottles of wine which were completely missing .
In December, I ordered 2018 Porseleinberg along with some Champagne .
The Champagne was delivered and the Porseleinberg wasn’t . I chased and chased and chased this wine to be told about 5 times that it had been delivered . It hadn’t .
They eventually found it, as it had been removed from the van and left in a corner somewhere .
I received it 3 weeks after ordering .
I really really hope my Burgundy shows up next week :woman_facepalming:t3:.


I am glad it’s not just me! It does seem to affect a few of us for whatever reason and I sincerely hope your Burgundy turns up soon Leah!

For me, today it’s just total disappointment. I was going to have some fun with the mature fine wines case with my Dad, and instead of Bordeaux or Burgundy, I got a bunch of cellar defenders which need to be returned. I don’t mind cellar defenders, but this was a chance to own some unique and interesting mature wine. I don’t think £10 credit covers my disappointment really… a case of 6 nice red Burgundies might well do.

I can only assume that somewhere, someone who wanted a box of clearance red wines is now licking their lips at a bunch of expensive reds that has just been delivered by serendipity at my expense!

As in Leah’s case though, I find it utterly perplexing though how wine, from a member’s reserve, can just disappear like that.


I think this needs to be high up the WS leadership list of priorities. Sending people what they ordered (both for immediate delivery and after storage in reserves) seems fundamental to TWS purpose. There are enough mistakes it’s obvious it isn’t working currently.

You’d hope that, if somebody didn’t receive what they ordered, they’d have the decency to contact members services to rectify the situation, so fingers-crossed that TWS MS come good for you when someone returns them!

Thankfully I’ve only really ever had any “picking” issues with one wine, the Rioja Alta 890. First they delivered two when I only ordered one… and then they cancelled an order for two when they’d listed them with an incorrect price.

Hopefully that will be the worst thing I ever have to contend with - other than the FOMO caused by not seeing the run on Mature Fine Wine Mystery cases in time - before they were “Out of Stock”.

It does seem as though you’ve had a run of bad luck though - so hope that changes for you.

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