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Peter Lehmann Stonewell Shiraz


I thought I’d drop a quick post about the SW Shiraz, as I’ve recently had the 2013 that’s currently on sale.

I wasn’t planning on drinking it so soon, but spurred on by a less than favourable review on WS I couldn’t resist giving it a go.

Short version, I disagreed with the review. It wasn’t big and fruity, but it was perfectly lovely in its own way - and young.

I’ve also had the 1999 recently too, and it was gorgeous and mellow but still all together with loads of flavours.

Has anyone else had differing vintage experiences of SW?


My experience is limited to a single bottle of the 2007 which I drank in January 2018. It was everything I hoped it would be. Powerful, nuanced and balanced and good for another decade with proper storage.


2006 bought 3, 1 consumed - beautiful wine
2007 tasted at cellar door - didn’t like. A lot of producers didn’t make their icon wine that year.
2008 bought 3, 0 consumed
2009 bought 1, tasted at cellar door - very powerful and young but not unapproachable from memory

2013 is a slightly backwards vintage in the Barossa. 2010 & 2012 riper and more plush. 2013 should age well but may take a bit longer to come around so glad to hear it is drinking well in its infancy.

In short, I think it’s a fantastic wine. I should get to drinking another of my 06’s.


Don’t really drink this kind of wine, but wasn’t 2012 the coolest vintage on record?


2011 - very wet


I received mine as part of a PL mixed case. I knew the vintage was average, which was a concern, but was pleasantly surprised how it ticked my Barossa boxes.

Based on your experience, time in bottle must have done it a favour !


Yeah I totally agree. I tried it in 2011 I reckon so it would have just been released.
What probably hurt it was that we were tasting the Stonewell @ $100 a bottle along side the VSV (Very Special Vineyard collection) that were priced at $60 and from a better vintage so we came away with a mixture of those along with some Mentor and Eight Songs ($40).

It does have a great reputation for longevity (20+ years in most vintages) so potentially just at an awkward stage of youth when I sampled.


Oddly I was drinking the 2005 yesterday. It’s on form, a fruity and complex mouthful. Sweet yes but not confected at all. Very good barosa Shiraz. It’s a style which I once loved, fell out with, but now love on the odd occasion.
I’m at a lunch with Australia and New Zealand wines on Thursday so hope to get a better perspective.


I counted myself lucky to receive a couple of the VSV wines in the mixed case and still have a bottle of the 2012 ‘Blesing’ to open. Hopefully it will be every bit as good as the 2009 ‘VSV 1885’ opened earlier in the year.

Kudos to TWS for making them available to non-Australian residents too.