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Personalising the community conversations - opting in using groups

By design. almost everything we do and say in this forum is public - anyone can read the posts whether they are logged in members or not. However, only members of The Society can post to the community. This is our space, but we want to share the joy of our wine experiences with others … and maybe they can join the fun.

Over and above this general limitation, there are cases where some content is not for everyone and so we ask members to ‘opt-in’ to the conversation. This is usually because the conversations are specialist ones that may not interest everyone rather than because they are exclusive.

The only current case for this ‘exclusivity’ are the conversations around en-primeur campaigns. These can get very … animated … and not all members are interested in navigating the complexities of the system.

In order to give you a glimpse of the conversation around the current Rhone en-primeur campaign, however, the group was made public on a temporary basis. There have been some really fascinating exchanges this year, and I do hope that the collective wisdom of all those who took part means members will get even more out of their investments.

(Let’s hope they remember us in 10 years time when uncorking the results of their labours!)

I mention this to encourage you to check out the en-primeur topics while they are public and decide whether you would like to take part, as this will be made ‘opt-in’ only again shortly.

  • To read the threads, click here: en-primeur
  • To join the en-primeur conversation, join the group, and the conversations will continue to appear in your timeline

Otherwise, do nothing and these threads will fade from view and other conversations will remain more visible

If you have any questions, please let me know here.

I would like to use this feature more to help personalise your experience of the community in a helpful and meaningful way, without making it more complicated, so if you have any thoughts or suggestions, please do let me know.

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I plan on making the en-primeur group private again on Thursday, before the excitement of the Burgundy campaign begins, so if you want to take part, do remember to opt in!

Let me know if you have any questions