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Personal wine selector


I thought this deserved a topic of its own @NeilS.
Does anyone else have authority or buying powers over other peoples wine budget???


I love this @NeilS. I am my cousins personal wine selector, I log in to his tws account, add to his wish list and then when instructed purchase for him… I should really charge :rofl:

What is in your basket [January 2019]

Like a vinous Power of Attorney! Do you get random feedback too?


“the Cherry tasting one was great!!” :sweat_smile:


I’ve been doing my parents’ Christmas order for years now.


I have good friends who I buy quite a lot of wine for. We have the understanding that if I offer something they can always say no and if they don’t like a bottle they will let me know so I can tailor future purchases accordingly. Fortunately that’s quite rare (so far)

It has worked out quite well for me as well as it often allows me to access multiple bottle discounts even if I just want one or two bottles myself. Win-win (or should that be vin-vin)?