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Personal licence


Does anyone have experience of applying for / obtaining a personal licence ?

The reason I ask is - I’m Chair of a Parish meeting (too small to be a council!) and we have regular village events but with no licence they have to be “bring your own” or “donation” based… I would like to investigate the feasibility of having a licence to help raise some funds through the sale of the odd glass of something nice :slight_smile:

I seem to remember someone stated they had one but my memory fails me who…



I think it was @Leah


Mr Laura got one for his job a few years back - seem to remember it being pretty quick and easy if that helps? I can ask him for more info?


As a former Rugby Club Bar Chairman I know a bit about this.

It’s only a one day course to get a personal licence - which you need if you are a designated premises supervisor (DPS). All licenced premises need a DPS - who is responsible for compliance with the Licensing Act. They can issue a list of people licensed to sell alcohol so they don’t personally have to be present. That list should be on display.

However if I recall correctly there is an exemption for certain types of community premise including village halls if they only occasionally sell alcohol. The premise/venue itself still needs a licence but you don’t need a DPS/ personal licence holder. I think that’s called a section 41D exemption. Basically it allows the village hall management committee (or equivalent) rather than the DPS to issue a list of people who can sell alcohol.

Your local District Council should be able to advise.


Yes I’ve got a personal license. I didn’t do a course but paid the examination fee which includes a rather large appendix which you pretty much MUST read and have a good knowledge of, then sat the exam .I think it was around £200 , then you need to pay for a dbs check which is around £20 then the actual application fee tonthe council, around £25 … the process is a bit of a pain . I would second @Lincoln advise with contacting the licensing department of your local council as some clubs etc… are exempt . Your other option if there isn’t a licensed premises is to apply for an event license for the “event” itself. You are usually allowed two or so per year for non personal license holders and up to around 51 for license holders . Hope this helps .


Thank you all - very helpful!

I only ever help behind the bar at the rugby club…ok, I might help make some profits too :slight_smile:

will look at the exemption …our village hut (its a WW! comparative hut) is “owned” by the Chair of the Parish meeting (me) and the head of Legal services at the council…that might help